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The Best Sex Doll Blog | NWDoll 62 Inch/158 cm TPE Full-Size Lifelike Sex Doll Real Solid Love Doll with 3 Holes and Stainless Steel Skeleton Inside Sexy Female Model - Sabrina, Tan Manufacturer: NWDoll
Price (not always available): $599.00
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View at Amazon: NWDoll 62 Inch/158 cm TPE Full-Size Lifelike Sex Doll Real Solid Love Doll with 3 Holes and Stainless Steel Skeleton Inside Sexy Female Model - Sabrina, Tan

It's no secret that Amazon is one of the best places to buy sex toys on the internet. We have our own Amazon store at DivaCartel, LTD. You can find a lot of luxury sex dolls on Amazon. There are a few sellers that have consistently listed a wide variety of quality sex dolls for sale. The biggest one's we've found are King Mansion and NWDolls.

So when we searched for the best selling sex dolls on Amazon it came as no surprise that the most wished for doll we found was this classic sex doll from NWDolls.

Like most of the luxury sex dolls on our site, she is made TPE silicone. This is a futuristic type of plastic that can be stretched up to 5.5 times its normal size. It's incredibly soft and feels very lifelike. When you touch it, it feels like actual skin - with the same luster and texture.

The coolest thing about TPE is that when you stretch it, it will then return to its original shape. This is amazing for a sex doll. It means that you can bend her and pose her in different ways and then when you put her in another position her skin will go back to its original shape.

This doll has an interior skeleton will keep her in a nice position. She has flexible joints so you can mover her into different positions easily. It's pretty awesome.

As you can see her face is made from a professional sculptor. She looks amazing, but this is something that we've come to expect from next-generation sex dolls. They should love gorgeous. . . and she does.

As the most wished-for sex doll on Amazon she represents the hopes and dreams of thousands of people around the world! She costs about $530, so she's on the affordable end of luxury sex doll and comes in a 62 inches. This puts her in the "Life-Size" or full-size category. All in all, she's got a great girl-next-door look and at under $600 she represents a nice entry point into the world of luxury sex dolls.

1. Material: TPE
2. Skeleton: Steel
3. Skin: Tan
4. Height: 62.2Inch/158CM
5. Fingernails: Yes
6. Upper chest: 33.6 IN / 86 CM
7. Lower chest: 22.44 In/57 CM
8. Waist: 20.3 in/51.5 CM
9. Hip: 33.27 In / 84.5 CM
10. Shoulder width: 14.57 In / 37 CM
11. Arm length: 23.23 In / 59 CM
12. Leg length: 31.3 In / 79.5 CM
13. Foot length: 8.27 In / 21 CM
14.Eye / wig: Blue / Blond Long wig
15. Packing sIze: 59.1in X 17.7in X 11.8in / 150cm X 45cm X 30cm / Weight: 83.8 lb / 38 KG
16. (Mouth/Vagina/Anus)dept: (5.12/7.09/6.7 Inch)(13/18/17 CM)

More Information: NWDoll 62 Inch/158 cm TPE Full-Size Lifelike Sex Doll Real Solid Love Doll with 3 Holes and Stainless Steel Skeleton Inside Sexy Female Model - Sabrina, Tan

Buy This Sex Doll Online: NWDoll 62 Inch/158 cm TPE Full-Size Lifelike Sex Doll Real Solid Love Doll with 3 Holes and Stainless Steel Skeleton Inside Sexy Female Model - Sabrina, TanThis Sex Doll is Currently For Sale

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Like you, many people are seeking ways to explore and satisfy their sexual needs, some look on magazines and others browse on websites to see what they need to do or buy. Due to this fact, sex toys becomes a huge hit, although many users enjoy the stimulation many still miss the feeling of having someone to do it, that is when sex dolls or love dolls came into the scene.

These are not your ordinary love dolls. These dolls are the answer to all your sexual desires and fantasies.

Thank you for visiting Real Sex Dolls. We curate the best next generation silicone sex dolls from across the internet and present them in a safe to browse, fun to surf website. Contact us through our online store –

Best Discount Sex Dolls at Amazon

Where to Buy Luxury Sex Dolls Online

We have chosen to refer people to Amazon to purchase sex dolls and high-quality sex toys from. We find that people trust them. They have stores around the world, and their products are shipped discreetly.When you buy a high-quality sex doll from Amazon, you should simply order it online, then contact the seller directly and see what options are available for your new sex doll. You can get their information from the invoice for their web store.

Many of the sex dolls profiled on our site are available with different hair styles, different makeup, eye color, etc. Contact them and ask what options are available for your new doll. Or even better, email them before!

If you’re not down with Amazon, we have a couple other online stores we recommend.   One is Silicone Wives, the other is SexyRealSexDolls.  Both are top notch luxury sex doll stares

What Are Luxury Sex Dolls?

Silicone and TPE real dolls are your traditional sex dolls or real dolls – but these days they are looking AMAZING and seem anything but traditional!

Silicone and TPE are both sex toy materials. Silicone is the best sex toy material. You’ll see the most spendy sex dolls are made of silicone. It’s considered the best for a number of reasons.

First, it’s non-porous, which means bacteria is less likely to form on it and it’s easier to clean. This is great when you’re using these toys with a partner. It’s the only sex toy material that can be completely disinfected. It’s also hypoallergenic which means that people with latex allergies can still use them.

In addition to being non-toxic, they hold heat very well. After you use one for a while, they will take on your body heat and feel even more life like. They also carry vibration through the entire toy, so you can put a vibrating wand or bullet in and get an amazing sensation throughout.

TPE is similar to silicone, but it’s porous. It still feels lifelike and is hypo-allergenic, but it’s a blend of materials and significantly less expensive than silicone. It’s a newer sex toy material and is starting to replace silicone as the de facto standard for mid level sex dolls. TPE sex dolls are amazing. There are A LOT of TPE sex dolls at Amazon.

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These are our picks for the top-rated sex dolls and luxury toys. These are not the most expensive sex toys – by any stretch – but we love them and thought you would to. We update this list every once and a while as some awesome new sex doll or sex toy crosses our desks.

If you have a sex toy or sex doll you would like to have reviewed please send an email to: – our sex toy media publishing company.

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If you don’t know what camming is, it’s basically doing sex acts on camera for money. And the top cam girls make A LOT of money. . . a lot. These sex toys have been specially designed to respond to bluetooth signals. Cam sites connect to them and go off when someone tips. You can figure out the rest. Check out Chaturbate to see them in action . . . but beware, this site is absoluetly 21+.

You can purchase Lovense bluetooth sex toys directly from the manufacturer at the link below.

Autoblow 2 | Best Crowd-Funded Sex Toy

We like the Autoblow 2 robotic blowjob machine because it’s a hands free men’s blowjob sex machine, the makers crowd-funded it to get it going (go humans!), and it feels great when it rubs against your skin.

Our biggest recommendation in regards to this men’s sex toy, besides getting one today, is that when you get one, ask for the smallest sized insert sleeve you can get – regardless of whether or not your think you need a larger one. We think you’ll be glad you did. They run large.

You can check out the Autoblow 2 at their website, or look at our write up of this robotic sex toy here at our sex machine blog – where you will find this toy and many other sex machines and robotic blowjob sex toys like it.

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