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Masturbators are essentialy sex toys modeled after body parts.   There are sex Masturbators are made for men and women with a lot of variety of male, female and hermaphrodite body parts.  If you’re a person that likes breasts alot, or asses, or fetishizes cocks – there are varieties for everyone.

Masturbators are made by companies like Pipedream Products, SexFlesh (XRBrands) or Topco. We have an entire website devoted to these killer +sex toys at – definitely worth checking out if you’re in the market for an advanced luxury sex toy.

These mid-range Pipedream, SexFlesh and Cyberskin masturbator toys are VERY popular. They’re fun to play with. They have amazing curves, and they are generally much more discreet than larger-higher price toys. We also like that you can get them in all shapes and sizes.

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Learn more about these amazing men's sex toys.

While not the same quality as life-size hyper-realistic silicone sex dolls on our site – which, admittedly, can be stunning – these masturbators are some serious sex toys, and seriously fun playthings for men and women.

While full-size silicone sex dolls can cost upwards for $2500, these less-expensive masturbators are on  Amazon for only $150 – $500.  You don’t get the same level of hyper-realism as you do on more expensive sex dolls, like we said, but they are great sex toys – a step up from strokers and Fleshlights, and give a great entry point into the world of more high end sex dolls.

Two Type of Masturbators - Body Molds and Heads

Learn more about these amazing luxury men's sex toys.

We have two basic inexpensive masturbators people are into – torso and body mold sex dolls and smaller stroker style men’s sex toys.. 

The first are torso and body mold sex dolls.  In the last few years we’ve seen A BUNCH of these being made.  There are two basic types available, with some notable exceptions.  Below you’ll see doggy style and traditional missionary position style.  These are great toys that give the feel and pleasure of a large sex doll without all the heft and weight.   NOT having a head on the doll opens up space for you to imagine whomever you want!

The second style are oral sex blowjob style sex doll heads.  These are actual high end  sex doll heads – so you get all the realism of heads, but without the body.  They are amazingly detailed and work great as oral sex men’s sex toys with ribbed tunnels in the mouth that you can thrust into.

Both of these styles of inexpensive sex dolls are fun to play with and in a lot of ways – will serve you better than full size sex dolls.   We’ve collected both types if inexpensive sex dolls below.  Enjoy this collection of fun small sex dolls. These are some of our favorites.

Pipedream Products Mega Masturbators

One of the best sex toy makers makes some AMAZING masturbators

Maaturbators - Men's Best Sex Toys

Pipedream Products, and a host of smaller sex doll manufacturers, make amazing high end sex dolls and luxury sex toys. Pipedream in particular has come out with a line of great men’s masterbators called ‘Mega Masterbators’. In addition, they they have a couple other masterbators in their other sex toy lines.

Pipedream Products makes VERY good men’s sex toys and has been doing so for a long time. . .any of these sex toys is going to be GREAT!

SexFlesh Masturbators

SexFlesh is a great luxury sex doll and sex toy material. It’s made by a major sex toy manufacturer called XR Brands.

SexFlesh is soft but firm sex toy material and has a nice weight to it. It can be sculpted to a certain degree (although not quite as much as Cyberskin – below) and we are starting to see a lot of SexFlesh toys hitting the market. The best part about SexFlesh is that is feels AWESOME.

The material is a derivative of a foam material that was originally created by NASA for their space program. It was a seat material made to prevent astronauts buts from chaffing on long flights! It eventually found it’s way to the private sector where it evolved into the SexFlesh sex toy material we have today.

SexFlesh sex dolls are soft and fleshy on the outside, but hard on the inside. They are hefty toys and feel great when they are wet or lubed up. You can find a wide seletion of SexFlesh toys at Amazon. They feel hyper-realistic and are some of the best selling sex toys on any of our blogs. People especially love SexFlesh asses.

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Hyper-realistic masturbators - Penthouse sex toys are made of Cyberskin

Cyberskin is a type of sex doll material used by Topco sex toys to make realistic sex dolls. While not as popular as Pipedream Product range of sex dolls. These are slightly better and will serve you VERY well.

You will find Cyberskin covering a lot of different dolls and mid-range sex toys. The look and other aspects of the sex dolls will differ between models, but there are some VERY good ones out there.

Many people think that Cyberskin sex toy material is the best of any mid-range material. One look at some of the Cyberskin sex toys and doll modeled after models and porn stars and you’ll see why. They look amazing. Cyberskin toys are definitely worth looking into when picking up a mid-range sex doll or toy.

Here are some of the best Cyberskin Sex Dolls and toys we’ve found on Amazon.

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Like you, many people are seeking ways to explore and satisfy their sexual needs, some look on magazines and others browse on websites to see what they need to do or buy. Due to this fact, sex toys becomes a huge hit, although many users enjoy the stimulation many still miss the feeling of having someone to do it, that is when sex dolls or love dolls came into the scene.

These are not your ordinary love dolls. These dolls are the answer to all your sexual desires and fantasies.

Thank you for visiting Real Sex Dolls. We curate the best next generation silicone sex dolls from across the internet and present them in a safe to browse, fun to surf website. Contact us through our online store –

Top Masturbators - Current Best Sellers

Best Shemale, Hermaphrodite Masturbator | Terri!

Great for men, women and couples (have a third partner in bed without the emotional baggage!), this shemale sex doll makes the perfect third person to bring into a bed or works as an easy way to satisfy your transsexual and shemale fantasies.

We like the size of this tranny sex doll, we like the look of it, and we like the feel of the material – SexFlesh; this is a great quality SexFlesh sex doll and one of the best and most popular tranny sex toys you can get.

We also like that with breasts, a dildo style cock to play with and a firm anus to thrust into – your options are many. The only thing holding you back is the limits of your own imagination, and if you’re seriously considering buying a shemale sex doll, you’re imagination is probably pretty strong. You can see more transsexual sex dolls and shemale sex toys at our blog –

Cyberskin Elite Jackhammer Pussy & Ass - Dark

The CyberSkin Elite Jackhammer offers the most realistic experience imaginable with a one-of-a-kind combination of hyper-realistic tugging, squeezing, and pulling motions that perform on you command.

Feel every tight, massaging movement with the push of a button and enjoy the lifelike sensation and hand-painted detail of famous CyberSkin now outfitted with the most modern automatic masturbation technology available to date.