5 New Moaning Sex Dolls

Moaning sex dolls?!?! Yes, my friend. The future is starting to arrive in the form of amazing synthetic sex dolls that are not only awesome to play with, but also are starting to gain interative capabilites.

Sex dolls like these new moaning sex dolls from You and Me are the next generation of sex dolls and are the first generation of dolls to actually interact with their owners.

You can get full-blown AI sex dolls, but they are hard to get, and cost about $5,000. This collection, as you can see below, are significantly less expensive. They cost about $1000. We’ve seen TPE Dolls and SIlicone sex dolls get less and less expensive over the past few years, so be sure to keep an eye out. You will start to see more and more robotic features being added to realistic sex dolls at cheaper and cheaper prices.

So what is a moaning sex doll?

They are sex dolls that are programmed to moan, and make sexual sounds, as you thrust into them. The harder and longer you thrust, the more they will moan. They are the same luxury sex dolls you get elsewhere, but with the added benefit of auditory stimulation.

Fun stuff here. Enjoy this collection of fun sex dolls. We are big fans and want more stuff like this.

Awesome New Moaning Sex Dolls

The moaning sex dolls below share a number of similar traits.  They are all made of TPE and Silicone blends.  These are flexible blends of plastic that look and feel like skin.  They are easy to sculpt and made excellent sex dolls.  It’s advancements in this kind of plastic technology that has given us the amazing sex dolls you’re looking at today.

On the inside of these sex dolls, you’ll find metallic skeletons with pose-able joints.  They lets you pose the dolls in any number of positions.  Because the TPE skin is so flexible, it will easily accomodate the movement of the joints.

Finally- they have three openings for you to thrust into.  Anal, oral, and vaginal.  They are durable and feel great when you thrust into them.  We like that the three holes give you options to play with. 

Ultimately, these are very fun dolls.  They are similar in size and scope to the other life-size TPE dolls you’ll find on our site but with the added auditory experience.  We like when sex toy makers play with our various senses and welcome more innovations like this into the market. 

Many people are seeking new ways to explore and satisfy their sexual needs, some look on magazines and others browse on websites to see what they need to do or buy.  Sex toys have become a huge hit and more and more varieties are being created all the time.

The sex dolls we feature here are your run-of-the-mill sex toys. Instead, they are the answer to all your sexual desires and fantasies.  ;)

Hyper-realistic and stunning to touch and play with, these gorgeous sex dolls and luscious sex toys are next generation of adult playthings.