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Where to Buy TPE & Silicone Sex Dolls Online
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Here at Real Sex Dolls our mission is to review, profile, and curate the best real dolls and silicone sex dolls available.

We take every pertinent aspect of the real dolls we profile into consideration, and try to offer educated and honest sex doll write-ups for your consideration. Most of the real dolls and silicone sex dolls we look at can be purchased through Amazon.

Now, rumor has it that there are a lot of folks that still are out of the Amazon sex toy loop and it’s to your benefit to be filled in on all the possibilities available to you. So let us fill you in. Amazon has a TON of sex toys on their site.

If you don’t believe us, don’t worry, you’re not the first. Amazon seems to intentionally make it a bit harder to discover all those delightful adult themed goodies because so often we share our computers with our coworkers, friends, family. . . I’m you can guess where this is going.

So, in an effort to prevent or at least vastly decrease the chance that small eyes will be prying, Amazon makes all us grown-ups do a little bit more legwork to get to that age restricted, highly privileged area. Add to that the ability to hide your order notifications for individual orders from your desk or laptop and you’re in the incognito clear.

But as it turns out, Amazon is actually one of the largest suppliers of silicone sex dolls and real dolls in the world. Due to this we feel they are quite deserving of an elevated space on our website.

Below you will find a number of links to our top rated and best-selling silicone sex dolls and real dolls. Many of these links take you right to Amazon.

What are Sex Dolls Made Of?

TPE stans for a range of sex toy materials. It stands for Thermoplastic Elastomers (TPE) and is basically a blend of rubber and plastic. It’s life-like in its appearence and texture. It is used in Cyberskin, FantaFlesh and many other sex toys. TPE generally does not contain PVC, Latex or Phthalates.

Most of the sex dolls on our page are TPE. They are smooth and squishy, and often feel like satin when you touch them. This texture comes from ‘renewel’ powder on them.

TPE sex dolls are porous so you will want to make sure you clean it with some anti-bacterial soap after each use. Just use soft soap and pat it dry. Don’t submerge the dolls in waters, but only use water based lube. If you use a silicone or oil-based lube the TPE doll material will start to deteriorate.

With proper love and care, these TPE sex dolls should last a long, long time.

Buy Silicone & TPE Sex Dolls at Amazon

One of the largest distributors of silicone and TPE sex dolls and real dolls on Amazon, King Mansion sells a lot of these sex toys. We have not bought a doll from them, but we can attest that many people do, and we’ve seen none returned in the two years this site has been lived (and we see 2-3 people return other toys each month).

To get more info about these luxury sex toys, just click on the images or links and the description will open in a new window at Amazon. Enjoy this fun collection!


King Mansion TPE Sex Dolls for Sale at Amazon


NWDolls TPE Sex Dolls

NWDolls distributes many of the same high-end, luxury sex dolls as King Mansion, but are a bit newer to the game.

That said, they are adding new real dolls to their collection relatively regularly these days. Check out this fun collection of NWDoll Real Dolls. Clicking the images or links below will open the toys at Amazon in a new window where you can get information.



Mandarin Duck Real Dolls

Decidedly Asian in design, Mandarin Duck is one of the older distributors of TPE and silicone sex dolls on Amazon. Somewhat humorously, this makes them less that 10 years old. These real dolls are new and some of the hottest toys around. As new materials get invented we’ll be seeing even more and more amazing sex dolls like the many on this page.

Like the collections above, if you click the images or links below, the toy description and pricing information will open in Amazon. Thanks!

Mandarin Silicone and TPE Sex Dolls at Amazon


Gu-Aisling Silicone and TPE Sex Dolls

2018 has brought a couple new players to the imported luxury sex doll market. One of our favorite distributors this year is Gu-Aisling. We’ve seen them bringing in some classic next-generation dolls as well as some REALLY cool alt-style sex dolls and some lower price versions of incredibly expensive dolls. These are not silicone dolls but rather TPE sex dolls modelled after higher price Reall Dolls and WMDolls.

Some of the luxury TPE sex dolls Gu-Aisling is bringing to the west are amazing. They are selling a VAMPIRE sex doll! LOVE HER! She’s the goth looking sex doll on the grid below. We also have a picture of her on our site looking amazing. Just go to the homepage and look in the fantasy sex doll section. The vampire sex doll stands out – you can’t miss her.

We’ve seen a few elf style sex dolls come through, and we’re starting to see A LOT of anime and hentai sex dolls, but this is the first Vampire Sex Doll we’ve seen. We hope there are more like this!

Gu-Aisling is an importer of a lot of different types of Sillicone TPE sex dolls. These are all very high-quality, luxury Silicone sex dolls that fall in the middle of the price range of sex dolls.

When you see sex dolls on the news, these are the dolls people are usually addressing. They are made of a silicone blend of materials – loot at individual doll descriptions for more the makeup of each doll – but in general, these are incredibly life-like dolls with the skin feeling feel to the touch.

They are elastic so you can pose them in different postions and the skin will fall back into place when you move them. It’s pretty amazing.

The faces are STUNNING, stunning. We recommend picking one, then ordering it, then contact the manufacturer – Gu-Aisling to see what options are avaible for customization. Many of the dolls they import are from WMDoll or King Mansion. We love this collection of sex dolls and most are new for 2018!

Gu-Aisling Luxury Sex Dolls


Sexy Real Sex Dolls

Buy Silicone and TPE Sex Dolls at Sexy Silicone Real DollsSex Real Sex Dolls is a sex doll store with a long name, but they have a VERY cool site. You can check it out here. . .

Visit Sex Real Sex Dolls

They have a VERY wide selection of sex dolls for sale on their site and are one of the more reputed sources on the internet. You can find all the latest and great TPE and silicone sex dolls there, including some pretty amazing “out of the box” dolls, or Body Morph sex dolls as we are calling them. These are sex dolls with massive asses or huge breasts. Stunning and AMAZING to play with – these dolls are the future.

We are not going to post a bunch of links to their site here, but it is awesome, and we can’t recommend a visit highly enough. Check it out and have FUN browsing their incredible selection of luxury, high quality sex dolls.

Check Out This 3 Breasted Doll! – Luxury Sex Dolls

What is a Real Doll What is a Sex Doll?A RealDoll, or Real Doll, is a brand of luxury silicone sex dolls. You can check them out at Many people will interchange the words RealDoll for the more generic ‘sex doll’, but RealDoll is actually a specific type of luxury sex doll. They are made of high-end, high-quality silicone flesh, with a PVC skeleton with bendable metal joints. These dolls can be posed in any number of positions and they will stay there.

RealDolls are also generally life-size and are manufactured in California by a company called Abyss Creations, LLC. The bodies and heads are interchangeable – which is a great feature! They are the high end version of silicone sex dolls. Actual RealDolls cost between $2500 and $4000. In general (more generic silicone sex dolls will cost between $1500 and $3000).

Silicone sex dolls are top of the line love dolls made of high quality, medical silicone. This is the best sex toy material currently available. It has a number of features that people love. It is non-porous so bacteria will not collect on it (that said, you should wash your Real Doll or silicone sex doll after every use). It’s hypo-allergenic and cleans up very easily.

Medical grade silicone will also maintain heat, so as you’re playing with it, it will get warmer and warmer – which makes it even more lifelike, and it feels VERY life-like.

When the doll bends, the bends with them. When they are placed back into their original position, the silicone will fall back into it’s original shape. This let’s you pose the doll into any number of positions, and not have to worry about the dolls getting saggy or over used.

All in all, silicone sex dolls like the kind you find on our site, as well as the amazingly gorgeous Reall Dolls that you find at, are some of the most amazing sex toys you will anywhere.


Real Doll Introductory Video


Buy TPE & Silicone Sex Dolls in Canada

You can buy many of the same sex dolls in Canada that you can in the US. And even better – many of the high end sex dolls you order in Canada can be shipped to you for free. This is a great deal since they can be rather large and somewhat heavy. . . and it being Canada, you might need them shipped from a serious distance.

It used to be that Canadian laws were strict in regards to what sex toys and sex dolls could buy. Border agents would actually confiscate toys as they came into the country under obscenity laws. But these days you can bring almost any sex toy into Canada. While the Canada Border Services Agency is still empowered to stop the importation of materials prohibited under obscenity laws, sex toys are pretty free to cross.

Below you’ll find a collection of sex dolls specifically curated for Canadians. Clicking the links will open the dolls in Amazon Canada and prices are listed in Canadian dollars. You’ll see some variations between these and those sex dolls available in Britain and the US.

The dolls below are generally made of high quality silicone, TPE (a futuristic plastic compound), or some variation or combination of the two. These are some of the best sex toys available anywhere in the world, so if you’re looking for a way to stay warm through those cold Canadian nights, a large luxury sex doll might be just the thing.

Buy Sex Dolls and Real Dolls in Canada

The sex dolls below were all curated from Amazon Canada. As we mentioned above, clicking on the images or links will open the doll on their site. They have great deals on a wide variety of sex dolls. Enjoy this fun curated collection of some of the world’s best sex toys!


Buy Sex Dolls in the UK

If you want to buy sex dolls in the Great Britain, especially if you want to buy high quality sex dolls, you are in LUCK. There are some AMAZING sex dolls available in the UK. You can get some HOT German imported sex dolls that you can’t get in the US as well as a full line of VERY high quality, life size silicone sex dolls.

We’ve curated some into our collection of UK sex dolls below.

To that end, we’ve gone through basically all the TPE and Silicone sex dolls at Amazon UK and offer here the some of the MANY we’ve found. You can get some really amazing sex dolls in the UK. The dolls below are HIGH QUALITY. They run from around 1,000 pounds to 5,000 pounds. And they are AMAZING! Are these sex dolls worth that price – for those with the money looking for an easy partner, these are a great way to get it.

One thing we found in our online forays is that you can get a lot more high quality blow up sex dolls and 3D sex dolls in England and the rest of Great Britain than in the US. Brits like their blow ups!

Below are the few sex dolls available in Britain. We will add more as we find them. Clicking the images below will open these toys in a new window at Amazon UK. This page of sex dolls is specifically for our friends in the UK. Many of the high-quality sex dolls below are shipping for FREE in the UK – which is pretty awesome.

And, that said, the sex dolls below ARE NOT shipped to the US. Please visit the rest of our pages for those. These sex dolls, as we’ve said, are for people wanting to buy high quality sex dolls in England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales. Clicking the links below with open these amazing high-quality sex dolls and real dolls at Amazon UK.


Buy Mini-Sex Dolls in Great Britain

We LOVE mini-sex dolls and so do many of the people that visit our site. Below is a great collection of mini-sex dolls for our friends in the UK. If you’re looking for a high-quality mini sex-doll in Great Britain, the ones below are a GREAT place to start. Clicking the links or images below will open more information and pricing info for the mini sex dolls at Amazon.

So what are mini sex dolls? These are sex dolls the are about 100 CM tall. These are smaller, petite sex dolls but they are still anatomically correct and have all the same parts and curves as the high quality life size sex dolls above.

You can thrust into them just like larger high-quality sex dolls as well. They are meant to go the distance. If you are feeling brave, look up mini sex dolls on google video! 🙂

Like the full size sex dolls above, clicking on the images or links below with open these sex dolls at Amazon UK. These are meant for our friends in Great Britain – England, Scotland, Ireland & Wales – and will not be shipped to the US. That said, many of the sex dolls below can be shipped to the UK for free. Enjoy this great selection of amazing mini sex dolls.

PLEASE- ALL THESE SEX DOLLS GOT REMOVED FROM AMAZON UK – We are looking to rebuild the collection!!!