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Here at Real Sex Dolls our mission is to review, profile, and curate the best real dolls and silicone sex dolls available.

We take every pertinent aspect of the real dolls we profile into consideration, and try to offer educated and honest sex doll write-ups for your consideration. Most of the real dolls and silicone sex dolls we look at can be purchased through Amazon.

Now, rumor has it that there are a lot of folks that still are out of the Amazon sex toy loop and it’s to your benefit to be filled in on all the possibilities available to you. So let us fill you in. Amazon has a TON of sex toys on their site.

If you don’t believe us, don’t worry, you’re not the first. Amazon seems to intentionally make it a bit harder to discover all those delightful adult themed goodies because so often we share our computers with our coworkers, friends, family. . . I’m you can guess where this is going.

So, in an effort to prevent or at least vastly decrease the chance that small eyes will be prying, Amazon makes all us grown-ups do a little bit more legwork to get to that age restricted, highly privileged area. Add to that the ability to hide your order notifications for individual orders from your desk or laptop and you’re in the incognito clear.

But as it turns out, Amazon is actually one of the largest suppliers of silicone sex dolls and real dolls in the world. Due to this we feel they are quite deserving of an elevated space on our website.

Below you will find a number of links to our top rated and best-selling silicone sex dolls and real dolls. Many of these links take you right to Amazon.

Silicone Sex Dolls & Real Dolls for Sale at Amazon

One of the largest distributors of silicone and TPE sex dolls and real dolls on Amazon, King Mansion sells a lot of these sex toys. We have not bought a doll from them, but we can attest that many people do, and we’ve seen none returned in the two years this site has been lived (and we see 2-3 people return other toys each month). To get more info about these luxury sex toys, just click on the images or links and the description will open in a new window at Amazon. Enjoy this fun collection!

King Mansion Real Dolls from Amazon


NWDoll Real Dolls – Silicone and TPE Real Dolls

They distribute many of the same high-end, luxury sex dolls as King Mansion, but are a bit newer to the game. That said, they are adding new real dolls to their collection relatively regularly these days. Check out this fun collection of NWDoll Real Dolls. Clicking the images or links below will open the toys at Amazon in a new window where you can get information.

NMDoll Real Sex Doll Collection at Amazon.


Mandarin Duck Real Dolls

Decidedly Asian in design, Mandarin Duck is one of the older distributors of TPE and silicone sex dolls on Amazon. Somewhat humorously, this makes them less that 10 years old. These real dolls are new and some of the hottest toys around. As new materials get invented we’ll be seeing even more and more amazing sex dolls like the many on this page. Like the collections above, if you click the images or links below, the toy description and pricing information will open in Amazon. Thanks!

Mandarin Duck Real Sex Doll Collection at Amazon