Mini Sex Dolls – Small Sex Dolls

Petite Sex Dolls are VERY Popular. Here's where you get them!

We have three basic sizes of sex doll on this website: large, life-size sex dolls; tiny, barbie sized sexy anime dolls and figures; and a relatively new style, mini or small sex dolls.

Miniature sex dolls are as gorgeous and well sculpted as large, full-size silicone and TPE sex dolls but a lot smaller in stature.

These mini sex dolls are very popular. They don’t take up as much room as full size sex dolls and are a lot lighter to move around and easier to stash away.  Full-size sex dolls can weight as much as 80 lbs.  While amazing, that can be A LOT to haul around.

4' 11" Sex Dolls

Here are some VERY petite TPE sex dolls from, one of our favorite sex doll websites.   This is one of the premiere luxury sex doll stores on the internet.  You can visit their petite sex doll page here. 

How Big Are Mini Sex Dolls?

There are a Few Sizes of Mini Sex Doll Available

Life-size sex dolls are about 160 cm and over. We generally think of smaller sex dolls as being about 155cm or smaller – about 5ft or shorter. This is just a nice round arbitrary number we picked to help delineate small sex dolls from life-size, but seems to work well.

Amazon has quite few 153cm – 157cm sex dolls on their website, but they don’t really get smaller than that.  For smaller sex dolls, you’ll have to look at independent sellers.  Here’s a collection of shorter sex dolls at Amazon – note that their small size has not made them any less busty!

Here are some VERY mini sex dolls from another great sex doll store –  They are another legit seller online.  These mini-sex dolls are like, Barbie size.  This is what many people think of when they think of Mini sex dolls.  They are generally about $450 – $500.   We have more information on below – they are a great source of mini-sex dolls.

Mini Sex Dolls from Sexy Sex Dolls has a great selection of REAL mini sex dolls

These sex dolls are very small – about 65cm or 27 inches.  You can find videos of them on various tube sites across the internet.  The basic idea is these are tiny, almost barbie size sex dolls that you can still have sex with.  They are anatomically correct in every detail. 

We found a few of these dolls for sale online at Kanojo Toys in Japan – you can see more them below – but we also came across a GREAT collection of these mini dolls at the site we mention above –

Even if you’re here looking for something bigger – like an amazing life-size sex doll – these are still fun to check out.  They have a HUGE selection of different sized dolls there.

In addition to their tiny, mini-sex dolls, they all have a large selection of SMALL sex dolls.

They are about 100cm or slightly over three foot tall.  These dolls are probably the most popular at  They are a good size to carry around, have all the attributes of larger dolls, but don’t cost quite as much.   

Again, you can find quite a few of these dolls at    Like the mini sex dolls above, they have quite a good selection of small sex dolls at their online store and are a legit seller.

Mini Sex Doll Reviews & Profiles

Mini Sex Doll Articles on our Website

Here are some sex doll reviews and profiles we’ve written over the years.  Because these dolls change, some are not available any more.  But they are still fun to check out, for sure.

Mini Sex Doll Photo Gallery

Here are some of the sex dolls from

Torso Sex Dolls

You can find a ton of torso style small sex dolls online. . .

Torso sex dolls are a GREAT alternative to full size sex dolls.  There are basically the torsos of women, men, and trans bodies that you can have sex with.  There are also called ‘large masturbators’.

Torso sex dolls have a couple benefits over full size sex dolls, and those benefits are significant.  The first is cost and the second is size.   These sex dolls cost and weigh SIGNIFICANTLY less than full size sex dolls – which can run upwards of $2500 and weigh over 80 pounds!  They are magnificent but also hard to move around.

The less expensive, and lighter, torso sex dolls below are also epic, and a great style of mini sex doll.  Here are a number of torso sex dolls from – yet another great sex doll store.  And then below that we have a selection of mini sex dolls from Amazon.

Torso Sex Dolls at Amazon

You used to be able to buy all kinds of mini-sex dolls on Amazon.  But those days are gone.  You are hard pressed to find any these days.  Or you have to look very hard.  That said we found this collection below.

Clicking the links will take you view the sex doll at Amazon.   They are not exactly mini sex dolls, but they are the smallest we found at Amazon right now.  We have a site devoted to these amazing sex toys at

Barbie Size Sex Dolls from Japan

Kanojo Toys in Japan is a great sex toy store with EXOTIC sex toys!

Mini Sex Dolls From Kanojo Toys in JapanWe’ve found a great place to get mini sex dolls and petite sex dolls! – Kanojo Toys in Japan.  We have worked with Kanojo Toys before and while they are based in Japan, they have people working for them that speak English – we’ve spoken with people on their customer support team – and they are a major company.

If you order a doll from them, you will get it. They are legit.

It used to be that you could get a BUNCH of these dolls on Amazon. . but that is no longer the case.   So this is the best source we’ve found. 

We’ve highlighted our four favorite mini sex dolls in the pricing table below.  The links will take  you to Kanojo.   YES, these are expensive, but these are the real deal, and we’ve been finding that sex toys in Japan ARE generally more expensive than in the US.

But these are VERY high quality mini sex dolls.

Mini Sex Dolls & Masturbators at Amazon

Amazon has a great collection of smaller sex dolls

These miniature masturbator sex dolls are very popular right now. They offer the same level of stimulation as larger sex dolls, are made from the same TPE and silicone blends, and look and feel amazing. But they’re easier to move around. They are easier to store and are great to travel with.

These “torso masturbators” are generally made by the same people that make and distribute larger real dolls – WM DOLL, King Mansion, OVDoll, Mandarin Duck, etc.

They usually cost between $300 and a $1000 dollars so they are more affordable than full-size luxury sex dolls but still have the same level of quality.

Here is a collection of miniature masturbaor torso style sex dolls we’ve curated from Amazon.

We are putting profiles of the toys together for our site, so be sure to check back from more in-depth information on one of the hottest sex toy trends going on right now. Meanwhile, enjoy these great toys. Clicking on the images or links below will open the toys at Amazon.

XSize 3D Masturbator | Best Beginner's Sex Doll

This fun, mid-size sex doll is a great entry point into the world of luxury men’s sex toys. It fits easily in your hand, but is also large enough to set off you visual and visceral fantasies. Running your fingers over her breasts as you rub her up and down is quite a thrill.

Another great thing about this sex dolls is that because she is “layered” XSize was able to make some areas like the torso and hips hard while keeping other areas like the breasts and lips soft. This is a great little men’s sex toy (that’s not really that little).

Autoblow 2 | Best Crowd-Funded Sex Toy

We like the Autoblow 2 robotic blowjob machine because it’s a hands free men’s blowjob sex machine, the makers crowd-funded it to get it going (go humans!), and it feels great when it rubs against your skin.

Our biggest recommendation in regards to this men’s sex toy, besides getting one today, is that when you get one, ask for the smallest sized insert sleeve you can get – regardless of whether or not your think you need a larger one. We think you’ll be glad you did. They run large.

You can check out the Autoblow 2 at their website, or look at our write up of this robotic sex toy here at our sex machine blog – where you will find this toy and many other sex machines and robotic blowjob sex toys like it.

Best Tranny Sex Doll | Terri!

Great for men, women and couples (have a third partner in bed without the emotional baggage!), this shemale sex doll makes the perfect third person to bring into a bed or works as an easy way to satisfy your transsexual and shemale fantasies.

We like the size of this tranny sex doll, we like the look of it, and we like the feel of the material – SexFlesh; this is a great quality SexFlesh sex doll and one of the best and most popular tranny sex toys you can get.

We also like that with breasts, a dildo style cock to play with and a firm anus to thrust into – your options are many. The only thing holding you back is the limits of your own imagination, and if you’re seriously considering buying a shemale sex doll, you’re imagination is probably pretty strong. You can see more transsexual sex dolls and shemale sex toys at our blog –