Mini Sex Dolls – Small Sex Dolls
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We have three basic sizes of sex doll on this website: large, life-size sex dolls; tiny, barbie sized sexy anime dolls and figures; and a relatively new style, mini or small sex dolls.

Miniature sex dolls are as gorgeous and well sculpted as large, full-size silicone and TPE sex dolls but a lot smaller in stature.

These mini sex dolls are very popular. They don’t take up all the room as a full size sex doll and are a lot light to move around.

Life-size sex dolls are about 5 foot tall. We generally think of them as being about 100 – 110 cm or smaller. This is just a nice round arbitrary number we picked to help delineate small sex dolls from life-size, but seems to work well. A 100 cm sex doll is about 3 foot, 3 inches doll. So unless it’s a person experiencing dwarfism, they are generally not a full size body.

Additionally, you’ll find many of these mini sex dolls fall in the 65-70 cm range, which would make them just over 2 foot tall. So when checking them out, be sure to envision the size so you’re not surprised when you get your mini sex doll.

While these smaller sex dolls don’t offer as many customization as their larger counterparts, they are made of the same TPE blends that larger sex dolls are generally feel incredibly soft, spongy and life-like to the touch.

Mini-sex dolls also cost less. Where a full size Real Doll can run as much $3,000, a mini sex doll will generally cost under $1000 and usually closer to $600. We especially love the mini-dolls imported by King Mansion and find they look awesome!


Here are some mini sex doll profiles and reviews from We’ve looked at a number of these sex doll and are always stoked when new ones come out. Which, because of their popularity, is happening more and more often.

Miniature Sex Dolls are Very Popular

These miniature sex dolls are INCREDIBLY popular right now. They offer the same level of stimulation as larger sex dolls, are made from the same TPE and silicone blends, and look and feel amazing. They’re also easier to move around. They are easier to store and are great to travel with.

They are generally made by the same people that make and distribute larger real dolls – WM DOLL, King Mansion, OVDoll, Mandarin Duck, etc. They usually cost between $300 and a $1000 dollars so they are more affordable than full-size luxury sex dolls but still have the same level of quality.

Here is a collection of miniature sex dolls we’ve curated from Amazon. We are putting profiles of the toys together for our site, so be sure to check back from more in-depth information on one of the hottest sex toy trends going on right now. Meanwhile, enjoy these great toys. Clicking on the images or links below will open the toys at Amazon.

Miniature Sex Dolls, Small Sex Dolls

Miniature Sex Doll Videos

Here are some videos so you can an idea of the sizes of the different miniature sex dolls on this page. These are generally clean video meant to simply show off the dolls for potential buyers. We’ve put up a couple videos showing different sizes to check out here, but you can find many different kinds on youtube.

65 cm Sanhui Miniature Sex Doll

Nice video of a killer mini-sex doll. This one is VERY small.

100 cm Miniature Sex Doll Unboxing

Here is a mini-sex doll video that features a doll bigger than the doll in the video above. This sex doll comes in at 100cm which is closer to the size of a sex doll we normally think of in the “mini” category.