The Best Luxury Masturbators

Masturbators are basically mid-price sex dolls designed after different body parts.    They are VERY popular, and for good reason.  At about $200-$600, they are more reasonably priced than the silicone and TPE sex dolls you see profiled on our site.   But they still maintain the same level of quality and attention to detail.

We also like that large masturbators are more easy to move around and store than full-size sex dolls.  A silicone sex doll can weigh upwards of 60-70 pounds, which is a lot of weight to move around.

These are a nice alternative.  While we focus on “Torso” style, large masturbators, you can find a wide variety of them on this site, and also at our blog

The Best Men's Masturbators

Below you’ll find our recommendations for the top 5 mid-priced sex dolls. By Mid-Priced we mean $200-$1000. While not as lux as their silicone counterparts, these dolls are still amazing men’s sex toys and you can’t go wrong with any of them.

Enjoy these AMAZING sex dolls. We’ve put buttons to the dolls on our site as well as links to check them out at Amazon. You can find more dolls like these across our site.

1. SexFlesh Diana Mega Doll

This super realistic, exquisitely detailed, fully life sized, 3D mega masturbator is the ultimate in sex dolls.

The layered rubber features multiple densities, to perfectly mimic the feel of real flesh over muscle. Her perky breasts are full, luscious, and topped by pretty pink nipples. Her vagina features both inner and outer labia for an incredibly lifelike feel.

She offers an exceptionally lifelike textured interior with a firm grip. More than just the standard ribbing, the interior of her vagina is patterned to feel exactly like the real thing. Her pink butt tunnel is also realistically textured and molded internally to simulate the feel of a real body.

Nothing else comes close in terms of lifelike detailing and true-to-body craftsmanship.

2. Giving Gwen - SexFlesh Masturbator

With her generous hips and nice fat juicy ass, Gwen is definitely a giver.

A full 3 dimensions of pleasure, Gwen can be flipped over, bent over, and taken in practically any position you desire.

Her full, perky breasts are begging for a squeeze, and her two tight love holes are ready and waiting for you any time you need them. A solid 26 pounds, her ultra realistic look and feel is specially designed to be as lifelike as possible, with varying spots of firmness and softness. Whether you choose her tight butt or pretty pink vagina, Gwen is ready to give and give until you explode.

Measurements: 20 inches in length, 13 inches in width, 7 inches in height. Material: SexFlesh (TPR). Color: Flesh.

3. F*ck Me Silly Slut

From Pipedream comes the Extreme Mega F*ck Slut.

You’ve always dreamt of having sex a voluptuous hottie with 36DD’s, nice round hips and a super-tight waist, so what are you waiting for?

Take this busty babe out of the box, push play on the hardcore DVD, get out the free lube, and pound this Mega F*ck Slut ’til you F*ck Her Silly! This mega masturbator is the most realistic replica we’ve ever created and the most realistic replica you’ve ever done and with over 25 lbs. of soft, Fanta Flesh engulfing and massaging your penis, this plush piece of pussy feels better than the real thing!

From her sexy shoulders to her wide round hips, flat stomach, and perfectly puffy pussy, she’s the perfect woman without the attitude and headaches!


4. Fontal Male Life-Like Masturbator Doll

From his muscular abs, to his ripped waistline, pumped-up pecks and huge penis, this Male Realistic Frontal Love Doll Body with Tight Torso Backside Entry is ready to enjoy. Let him fulfill all of your nightly dreams!

Frontal Male Life-like Love Doll Man Body with Tight Back Entry | Doll Dimensions: 21″ x 14″ x 15″ | Dildo Dimensions: 8″ | Material: TPR | Color: Flesh | Penis Dildo & Ass entry

5. TLC Cyberskinvirtual Sex Ultra Perfect Woman Sex Doll

  • The most realistic life size toy available
  • CyberSkinmaterial feels just like real skin
  • Realistic body: collarbone, perky breats, tiny waist and hips
  • P***y features thick-ribbed tunnel
  • Tight A** features thick-ribbed tunnel
  • Includes 6x, 6s vibrating bullet
  • U-shaped inner tunnel for easy cleaning
  • 11 lb. IsoFoamcore covered in soft CyberSkin
  • Included warming wands brings her to a lifelike temperature in 10 minutes
  • Splashproof
  • CyberSkinmade in the USA
  • Phthalate free
  • 3-AAA batteries (not included)

6. Pipedream Products "Legs" Mega Masturbator Men's Sex Toy

Who doesn’t like to have a long sexy pair of legs, hot tight ass, and spread pussy on their bed in front them. We certainly do, and with the Fu$k Me Silly 3 Mega Masturbator, you can live that fantasy anytime you want.

This high end sex toy for men is pretty much exactly what your would think from looking at the picture. These legs and ass are the most realistic lower half of a woman currently on the male sex toy market.

It’s just like having sex with the real thing – the skin is very flesh-like, it warms up and it’s super-soft. Every curve and fold is there. She has two holes for playing with and is the perfect sex toy for leg-men, foot fetishists and calf lovers. Now you can get a good old fashioned foot job any day or night of the week!

Cleaning this sex toys is easy – just use warm water and light soap, and since it’s manufactured by Pipedream we can attest that it is high quality. This is a GREAT male sex doll.

This men’s sex toy is hefty as well. Which we LOVE. It weighs 30 pounds and is 45 inches long from waist to toe.

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