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Guide to Fleshlights - Best Men's Sex Toys

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Fleshlights are basic min sex dolls in a can.  All life size sex doll makes can learn something from these amazing men’s sex toys.

Fleshlights are the best – and best-selling – men’s sex toys ever.  They are a basic stroker – aka realistic vagina or anal sex doll – but they are incredibly well made, very well marketed and feel amazing when you use them.  You can learn more about them at Fleshlight’s website by clicking the button below.

Pictured at the right is the Fleshlight “Pink Lady”.  This is the original Fleshlights, and is a great place to start your journey into the this new world.  It’s a GREAT men’s sex toy.

Fleshlights are Awesome, but Where to Start?

Fleshlights are simply amazing.  The only issue about thme is there are A LOT of different kinds of Fleshlights, and they all have different textures – or sleeves. 

So where do you start?

One of the most frequent questions we get asked is about the different textures available in Fleshlights. All of the variations can be a little daunting, but having a fair understanding of what these textures are and how they differ can be key in finding the right Fleshlight for you. In that vein we compile the most comprehensive list of the different textures available in one place and give brief comments on each.

You can visit Fleshlight.com and see all the Fleshlight Sleeves and Textures currently for sale.

The Original, Classic Fleshlights

The Fleshlight above features the first sleeve developed by Fleshlight and the one that started the Fleshlight craze. It has an inner diameter of 3/4 inches. Keep in mind that the SuperSkin flesh mimicking material is extremely flexible and you can see that just about any guy will fit. There is no texture on the walls of this sleeve; constant pressure is applied evenly on all sides.

Super Tight Original Fleshlight

 A smooth, soft canal replicates the intense sensations of its female counterpart, while allowing for maximum comfort and lubrication.

This sleeve was developed shortly after the original and is similar except that the inner diameter measures 1/2 inches. Again, there is no texture on the walls. This is the perfect choice for men with narrower penises or for those who prefer a tighter grip.

  • Easy to use and clean, with proper care the Fleshlight male sex toy will last a lifetime
  • Safe, non-toxic and without phthalates
  • Over 8 million sold worldwide
  • Tighten and loosen special end-cap to control suction for added realism

Fleshlight Pink Lady Mini Lotus

The lotus is an advancement in design of Fleshlight sleeves by featuring different textures in different compartments inside of The Fleshlight that give constantly fluctuating sensations along the length of the penis.

It begins with an hourglass shaped lotus node followed by either four (in the standard size) or five(in the mini) chambers located in the back of the sleeve. It is also the only sleeve currently being produced as a mini. The mini is designed for men four inches or smaller and allows them to reach the smaller compartments in the back of the sleeve.

Fleshlight Vortex

The Vortex is a larger sleeve in diameter similar to the original. It was introduced as the signature texture of The Alien Fleshlight and later brought back due to customer demand and is now available in several models.

Additional texture in the vortex sleeve is provided by tightly arranged spiraling arms running down the inside of the sleeve from top to bottom. This is definitely a fan favorite.

Fleshlight Pilot

This texture is only available in The Fleshlight Flight. The Pilot texture seems to be a combination of several of the popular Fleshlight textures arranged in chambers running down the inside of the sleeve in a similar fashion to The Stoya Destroya.

Fleshlight Instructor

The Instructor texture has a chamber with large protruding bumps followed by a channel at the end that most resembles the original Fleshlight texture. Somewhat less intense than The Pilot texture this is the perfect choice for guys who are especially sensitive. It is the Flight’s equivalent of the Stamina Training Unit’s sleeve.

Stoya the Destroya Fleshlight

Three small rings of bumps circle the first area of this sleeve followed by a 360 degree dome that gives unmatched stimulation. That is followed by soft fangs that point inward and gently caress what is inserted. One row of large bumps comes next followed by a gently ribbed and gently narrowing channel at the end. The Stoya Destroya has become one of our favorites!

Lotus Garden Katsuni Fleshlight

The lotus garden sleeve is a smaller diameter sleeve that comes in The Katsuni Fleshlight. Nine lotus nodes are lined one after another on the inside of this sleeve and offer unmatched pleasure. The lotus garden offers one of the most intense sensations imaginable!

Tera Patrick - Tease Fleshlight

Tera Patrick’s signature Vagina Fleshlight comes with a unique sleeve dubbed for good reason The Tease. An insanely tight opening gives way to series of chambers each featuring a new sensation.

The first has large outward facing fingers followed by a smaller, tighter channel that is ribbed and leads to a lotus node. The node leads into a small chamber filled with downward facing fingers.

The chamber begins to narrow around a section with criss crossing ribs and finally ends with the smallest section of the sleeve featuring small bumps.

Nina Hartley Cougar Fleshlight

The cougar is the Nina Hartley exclusive that is perfect for larger men. It features a row of bumps along the top and bottom and ridges. It mixes the best of the speedbump and super ribbed but for larger guys this time.

Nina Hartley Fleshlight Sleeve

Twisted Sleeve- Tera Patrick Fleshlight Sleeve

The cougar is the Nina Hartley exclusive that is perfect for larger men. It features a row of bumps along the top and bottom and ridges. It mixes the best of the speedbump and super ribbed but for larger guys this time.

Tera Patrick Fleshlight

Jesse Jane Gauntlet Fleshlight

The cougar is the Nina Hartley exclusive that is perfect for larger men. It features a row of bumps along the top and bottom and ridges. It mixes the best of the speedbump and super ribbed but for larger guys this time.

Jesse Jane Fleshlight

Angela White Fleshlight

The cougar is the Nina Hartley exclusive that is perfect for larger men. It features a row of bumps along the top and bottom and ridges. It mixes the best of the speedbump and super ribbed but for larger guys this time.


This sleeve is an exclusive to the Angela White Vagina Fleshlight. It features four oval shaped chambers laid out in a vertical position one on top of the other that get progressively smaller and tighter. Bumps run down the length of the sleeve and vary in size from the smallest located where the chambers connect, the narrowest part of the sleeve to the largest located at the widest parts of the ovals.

Entice Angela White Fleshlight Sleeve

Available exclusively on the Angela White Butt Fleshlight, the entice sleeve starts wide and narrows considerably half way into it. It features spirals of flattened ridges arranged in a similar fashion to the twisted but with soft fingers extending off of them. Between the ridges are circular shaped ribs that provide an extreme amount of pull.

Primal Fleshlight Sleeve Insert

The primal insert is another variation on the popular lotus concept. It resembles the gauntlet closely but with one hidden surprise inside! A second lotus node is located about 2/3 of the way down this sleeve that creates mind blowing sensations. This sleeve is recommended for men with longer penises as those measuring under six inches will not be able to reach the second lotus node.

Bump N’ Grind Fleshlight Texture- Missy Stone

The Bump N’ Grind texture comes exclusively with The Missy Stone Vaginal Fleshlight and is a first for Fleshlight. For the first time a darker skin tone is represented; diversifying their brand seems to be important to the makers of the Fleshlight and we expect to see more and more diversity in their designs. The texture itself seems to be alternating chambers of two of their most popular sleeves: the speedbump and vortex textures.

Love Humps

The love humps texture is a smaller diameter sleeve and available exclusively on the Teagan Presley Butt Fleshlight. It is made of five hourglass shaped chambers laying end to end and provides for variable pressure on all sides on insertion. Tight areas give way to larger openings, etc…

Torrid Tori Black Fleshlight Sleeve

This is a completely new design for Fleshlight sleeves available exclusively on The Tori Black Vagina model and is a smaller diameter sleeve. It has five equally sized chambers with different textures in each; bumps, ridges, and fangs line the inside of these chambers. They are separated by flexible ridges that clearly demarcate the different chambers.

Nipple Alley

This is a large sized sleeve developed for the Riley Steele Fleshlight. It features the large convex bumps of the speedbump texture and adds tiny tickling sensations around the entire shaft. This is a more laid back option and should appeal to guys who want to last a little longer with their Fleshlight; for this reason I would highly recommend this model for couples wanting to play.

Bookworm Fleshlight Sleeve

The bookworm is a medium diameter sleeve available only on the Kayden Kross Vaginal Fleshlight. The opening spirals downward and features pronounced bumps and cross ridges that run down the entire length of the spiral. This Fleshlight sleeve, with its unique spiraling shape, gives constantly changing feelings of pleasure as pressure gently builds in a coil pattern.

Dragon Fleshlight Sleeve

The dragon is a wider sleeve that combines elements of several popular Fleshlight textures and is available on The Asa Akira Vagina model. It takes the idea of the twisted, with larger ridges angled downward and adds convex bumps to the ridges. In between the ridges and running down the entire inside of the sleeve are smaller ridges similar to those found in the super ribbed arranged horizontally.

Forbidden Sleeve

The forbidden sleeve is available exclusively on the Butt Fleshlights of several of the Fleshlight Girl models. It features a tight entrance lined with 13 evenly spaced ribs that lead to a tightly coiled wave that have variable width. This is a sure thing for butt lovers.

Texas Tornado

The Texas tornado sleeve is a unique medium diameter addition specifically paired with The Alexis Texas Butt Fleshlight. It is a redesign of the helical coil sleeves that places a premium on the sensations given during actual intercourse. The coil is looser in this model and features large concave dimples arranged between diagonal concave ridges.

Fleshlight Sleeve -The Outlaw

The outlaw is a sleeve that features a larger opening followed by a slightly coiled chamber behind it that has a row of horizontal bumps followed by a row of slightly raised bumps running vertically and ending with another row of horizontal bumps. A flap gives way to two small chambers of decreasing size that lead to a gently tapering and coiled channel that is similar to the first coiled chamber. It comes exclusively on The Alexis Texas Vagina Fleshlight featuring an ultra realistic mold based on her anatomy.

Attack Christy Mack Fleshlight Sleeve

The attack sleeve comes exclusively with the Christy Mack Vagina Fleshlight and is an extremely satisfying larger sleeve with many different features inside.

It begins with a bell shaped chamber that is ringed first by a horizontal row of smaller bumps and then by a row of larger ones nearer the fat end of the bell. A second large chamber is filled with a few surprises: angled rows of small and large bumps and ridges provide a varied experience. At the deepest part of the attack we find oval chambers of decreasing size resembling the deepest part of the lotus-mini sleeve.

The Booty Fleshlight Sleeve

The booty is the exclusive insert to the Christy Mack Butt Fleshlight. It is filled with six chambers each lined with vertically non-continuous ribs. The tight rings that lead from one chamber to the next also have these non-continuous vertical ribs.

Joanna Angel Misfit Sleeve

The misfit is an exclusive sleeve to The Joanna Angel Vagina Fleshlight and is one of our favorite medium sized sleeves. It has an entrance of four tightly packed ribs followed by a lotus node that pushes inward towards a large chamber filled with nubs and bumps. Next we find a tapering wonder wave that leads its way into a tightly waving and narrowing canal.

Punk Joanna Angel Fleshlight Sleeve

Exclusive to the Joanna Angel Butt Fleshlight the punk is a great sleeve that features a long channel that widens and narrows in turns. Running the entire length of the sleeve are ribs that vary in depth and width. This model is for the more adventurous types.

Barracuda Fleshlight Sleeve

The barracuda is an exclusive texture available with The Lisa Ann Vagina Fleshlight. It features two chambers divided by a constricting ring. While the chambers themselves are on the large side, the constricting ring is fairly tight.

The first chamber has gentle outward leaning fingers that offer resistance as you enter. After squeezing through the constricting ring, dozens more of these finger await, but this time in an inward direction which offers the sensation of being sucked in.

Jenna Haze Obsession Sleeve

The obsession comes exclusively in the Jenna Haze Fleshlight with a signature mold of her vagina. It features six concentric bell on top of bell forms that give way to a long narrowing chamber full of outward leaning fingers.

The lust is exclusively available with the Jenna Haze Fleshlight Butt. With a tight entry followed by a downward facing bell shape that sucks you on after the initial resistance and followed with a gently winding section of three chambers featuring large bumps, then small bumps, followed by ridges, this anal simulator is one of the best we’ve seen.

Bi-Hive Fleshlight Texture

The Bi-Hive texture is a sleeve featuring alternating areas of protruding ridges and bumps that apply varying degrees of directed pressure to the penis shaft and head. The main distinguishing feature of this sleeve is the wider than average canal. Measuring 3/4 of an inch wide it is recommended for men with wide penises.

Heavenly Jessica Drake Fleshlight

The heavenly comes with the Jessica Drake Vagina Fleshlight that should appeal greatly to smaller guys who want textured chambers.

It features a super tight opening followed by a convex/concave mirror pattern followed by an extremely tight passage. What happens next is magical. A tightly wound coil shape is gently ribbed by non-continuous humps. A lotus node awaits and leads to the final chamber filled with first tightly packed ribs and then small bumps.

Swallow Fleshlight Model

This sleeve is available as the mouth on all of The Fleshlight signature pornstar models. It is essential for the oral aficionado and should also appeal to smaller guys.

It has an inward bell shaped entrance that is ribbed by a non-continuous ridge that mimics the sensation of teeth gently rubbing the underside and top. We then find 12 concentric one on top of the other downward facing bells that give way to a final larger chamber at the back of the throat before tapering off into an extremely narrow channel at the back.

The Blade

The Blade comes with an exclusive texture consisting of four chambers of increasing size lined with uniform ribs. It has been designed to provide the strongest sensations for guys who like an especially tight grip.

Alien Fleshlight

The Fleshlight Alien has its own newly designed sleeve that is good for larger guys. It has a first chamber filled with vertical diagonal ribs leading to a large bell and lotus node. Beyond that is a final chamber filled with large speed bumps.


The Zombie sleeve has been specially designed as a smaller insert for The Zombie Fleshlight. It has crooked ribs that give way to a chamber filled with small ribs and leading to a lotus node. Beyond that lies a second chamber filled with much larger ribs which lead to a tightly wound coil on the bottom.


The Frankenstein Fleshlight also has a designated specially designed sleeve that is a nice medium sized fetish option. It has a large lotus node followed by a small chamber filled with small convex bumps and a larger chamber filled with slightly irregular slanted ribs. The end of the sleeve is a tighter canal filled with four vertical zig zagging ribs that resemble the vortex in their orientation.


The cyborg is the last of The Fleshlight Freak collection and also is equipped with its own newly designed sleeve. This is a mellower sleeve that will allow guys to last longer while using it. This is another good option for couples looking to use a fleshlight together.

It is a larger sleeve comprised of three chambers. The first is a smaller chamber with small concave horizontal ribs and irregular convex vertical ribs. Chamber two is a medium sized compartment filled with much larger concave horizontal ribs. The final chamber is a narrower chamber filled with the larger concave horizontal ribs.