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The Best Silicone & TPE Sex Dolls, Masturbators & Men's Sex Toys

Silicone Sex Dolls and TPE Sex Dolls  are luxurious and amazing to play with. At Real Sex Dolls, we review the best luxury sex dolls, men’s masturbators and mini sex dolls.

All the sex dolls on our are site are hand picked. We try to only profile and review the best luxury sex dolls, strokers and masturbators you can find on the internet.

While we love high-quality toys, we do not discriminate. Not only do we profile all kinds of expensive sex dolls, but we also look at lower cost blowup dolls, masturbators, ebony sex toys, and a wide variety of shemale and gay sex dolls. We like to think of our site as a testament to all kinds of the most amazing sex toys on the planet.

Featured Sex Dolls - Buy Online

Our current favorite sex dolls online. . .click to view at Amazon!

Sex Doll Toplists - Best Sex Dolls

Articles that look at lot's of sex dolls in one place. . .yay!

Here’s our current favorite silicone sex dolls hand-picked from Amazon. We pull a lot of luxury sex dolls from Amazon at our site.

They have a great selection of mid-range silicone and TPE sex dolls that are constantly being updated. We find people trust Amazon for shopping and their pricing is comparable or better than most other silicone sex doll stores on the internet.

Clicking the links, images or buttons below will open the sex dolls at their site where you can get more information and read more reviews. We also have a wide variety of silicone sex dolls and toys for sale at our own independent online adult toy store –

Masturbators & Strokers

Body mold sex toys, Fleshlights and torso sex dolls

Masturbators are smaller, more Americanized sex dolls than your traditional Asian style silicone sex doll. They are usually just the torso of a person or a molded body part – like an ancient Greek statue.

They focus on the main sexual parts of a person without unnecessary details like an identity. 🙂

Female Torso Mastubators at Amazon

Similar, but different, these are great alternatives to Real Dolls

Sex Doll Heads & Blowjob Machines

Blow Job Toys and Oral Sex Doll heads are very fun sex toys. The brunette and blonde models from Pipedream Products are especially delicious. They have suction cup bottoms so you can affix them to desks or a shower, or whatever, and then simply thrust into the mouth.

Buy Fantasy Sex Dolls

Best Fantasy & Cosplay Sex Dolls to Buy Online

Check out the AWESOME elf style sex dolls. These are as high end and lux as any of the sex dolls on our site, but specifically have pointed elf ears. This is a great way to play out your nerdy fantasies.  You can also get some sexy vampire and monster sex dolls as well!

We’ve put up our favorites, and are hoping that soon there will be enough choices available for us to make a cos-play sex doll page. Where’s the Mermaids? the Dwarf sex dolls and Giants? We’re ready!

They are decidedly different styles. There is a pale “High Elf” with long ears to a short but beautiful “Wood Elf” with pink ears. Check back for more novel and amazing luxury sex dolls like these.

The dolls below are fantasy silicone sex dolls imported through Amazon.  Clicking the button will take you to their site to see reviews and more information about the dolls.  These are some of our favorites!

Fantasy Sex Dolls @

One of the best, and most searched for sex doll stores on the internet – has just about EVERY sex doll you could want and they give you the ability to either buy them ready to ship, or you can customize A LOT of different aspects of their sex dolls. 

We recommend their site and you can read our full review of their site.  Clicking on the images below will also take you to their site.  Enjoy!

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