The Best Silicone & TPE Sex Dolls

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Welcome to Real Sex Dolls: The Best Sex Doll Reviews

Silicone Sex Dolls and TPE Sex Dolls are the best sex dolls in the world. They are luxurious, next level sex dolls that are hard to find and amazing to play with. At Real Sex Dolls, we look at the best! We review the best luxury sex dolls, men’s masturbators and mini sex dolls.

All the sex dolls on our are site are hand picked. We try to only profile and review the best luxury sex dolls, strokers and masturbators you can find on the internet.

The toys here are simply the best mid-range and high-end sex dolls currently available . . and they are amazing. We try to present lots of pictures so you can see just how beautiful they really are.

While we love high-quality toys, we do not discriminate. Not only do we profile all kinds of expensive sex dolls, but we also look at lower cost blowup dolls, masturbators, ebony sex toys, and a wide variety of shemale and gay sex dolls. We like to think of our site as a testament to all kinds of the most amazing sex toys on the planet.

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Hot New Sex Dolls at AMAZON!

Here’s our current favorite silicone sex dolls hand-picked from Amazon. We pull a lot of luxury sex dolls from Amazon at our site.

They have a great selection of mid-range silicone and TPE sex toys that is constantly being updated. We find people trust Amazon for shopping and their pricing is comparable or better than most other silicone sex doll stores on the internet.

Clicking the links, images or buttons below will open the sex dolls at their site where you can get more information and read more reviews. We also have a wide variety of silicone sex dolls and toys for sale at our own independent online adult toy store –

We don’t really discriminate in what kind of sex dolls we show. You’ll find a wide price-range of sex dolls. They go from a couple dollars for cheap fake vagina to a couple thousand dollars for luxury silicone real sex dolls.

We’ve taken this collection from King Mansion.  They are the top sex doll seller on Amazon.  They are legit, so that when you order a sex doll from them, it will come when they say.   We curate A LOT of sex dolls from there on our site. Clicking the sex dolls or links below will open the doll at Amazon.

Top Sex Doll Articles

TPE and Silicone Sex Dolls feel amazing and can help you get deeper into your fantasies than with your hand or traditional sex toys – and they’re even better with a partner!

Today’s realistic sex dolls are large, luxury sex toys. They are a great way to bring some new excitement into the bedroom without having to deal with all the pitfalls of your classic threesome. While expensive, these high quality playthings can add new dimensions of sexy to your life. 🙂

Real Sex Dolls is a safe to browse sex doll blog where everyday people can discover all these amazing toys. We have readers from all lines off life, from across the world, and are happy to provide this. . .er, service to help bring love and joy to an increasingly chaotic world.

These high end sex dolls have become much more mainstream than many would believe. And with good reason – they’re gorgeous and feel incredible. So if you’re looking to take you’re self-pleasuring to the next level – these high-end sex toys are a great way to do it.

Top Sex Doll Articles

Cosplay and Fantasy Sex Dolls

Check out the AWESOME elf style sex dolls. These are as high end and lux as any of the sex dolls on our site, but specifically have pointed elf ears. This is a great way to play out your nerdy fantasies.

We’ve put up our favorites, and are hoping that soon there will be enough choices available for us to make a cos-play sex doll page. Where’s the Mermaids? the Dwarf sex dolls and Giants? We’re ready!

They are decidedly different styles. There is a pale “High Elf” with long ears to a short but beautiful “Wood Elf” with pink ears. Check back for more novel and amazing luxury sex dolls like these. Clicking the links below will open the toys at Amazon. PLEASE NOTE: We try to keep this section updated, but these elf sex dolls sell our FAST! Thanks for your understanding.

Elf & Cosplay Sex Dolls at Amazon

Elf & Cosplay Sex Dolls at Sexy Real Sex Dolls

One of the best, and most searched for sex doll stores on the internet – has just about EVERY sex doll you could want and they give you the ability to either buy them ready to ship, or you can customize A LOT of different aspects of their sex dolls.  We recommend their site and you can read our full review of their site.  Clicking on the images below will also take you to their site.  Enjoy!

Anime Sex Dolls

Anime sex dolls and hentai sex dolls are decidedly Asian in form and style. There are number of different kinds we showcase at

We have full size TPE and Silicone sex dolls whose features resemble those of an anime or hentai character. We also have softer, plush dolls, and we have a selection of small nude anime and hentai action figure style toys that are actually more statue than doll, but we like them a lot so decided to include them here.

There are full-size silicone hentai sex dolls like those from OVDoll and Mandarin Duck. There are also the new miniature petite hentai sex dolls that are all the rage right now. These are smaller dolls with full size vaginas. There are also strange new fabric hentai sex dolls and collectible sexy hentai action figures based on anime and hentai characters.

Black and ebony sex dolls are quite popular at Real Sex Dolls. Like the other realistic sex dolls we feature, black and ebony sex dolls open up new areas of fantasy. They give you easy ways to satisfy desires you wouldn’t otherwise be able to in real life. If you’ve ever fantasized about having sex with a big black cock or banging into an oversize booty, these are an easy way to do it without any negative energy.

In our black sex doll and ebony sex doll collection you will find a number of female sex dolls as well as a number of realistic ebony dildos that we’ve reviewed. You’ll also find a decent collection of black and ebony sex toys and sex dolls we’ve curated from Amazon.

New ebony sex dolls don’t come out that often, but we try to look at them when we do. So be sure to check back. This is a unique sex toy collection and one that’s certain to please.

Here’s some featured ebony sex toys we’ve pulled from Amazon. LOVE these.  Clicking on the toys below will open them at Amazon where you could find more information.

Ass & Booty Sex Dolls

Here are the Sex Doll ass and booty sex toy reviews and profiles from our site. These are killer sex toys and sooo fun to thtrust into. Most are life-size, and all will get you off in ways your hand alone simply cannot compare to. Check out our ass and booty sex doll page for a great selection of these stripped down sex dolls. There are a wide variety of sex doll body parts available. These are sex toys modeled after specific body parts. You can find all kinds of toys made after all kinds of body parts. You can find sex doll heads, hands, legs, butts, vaginas and more. Some of these are made specifically from molds of adult stars body parts (see Cyberskin toys from Topco, or Fleshlights at our site, others are more generic (like Pipedream Products Fuck Me Silly line of sex dolls). We feature a wide variety of of sex doll body parts on our site. Time and time again, however, we find that sex doll asses, butts and booties are the most popular.

Blow Job Sex Dolls & Toys

Blow Job Toys, or Oral Sex Doll heads are very fun sex toys. The brunette and blonde models from Pipedream Products are especially delicious. They have suction cup bottoms so you can affix them to desks or a shower, or whatever, and then simply thrust into the mouth. The oral sex toy pictured here is the blonde version of this famous sex toy.

These sex toys feel just like get a real blowjob from a real woman, except their jaws never get tired.

You will also find sex doll heads – or more usually sex doll mouths – that are modeled directly after different porn stars or adult models. These provide and added level of fantasy to already fun sex toys. Simply turn on the video of your favorite porn star, grab the sex toy modeled after their mouths and go to town. Lot’s of Fun!

Male & Shemale Sex Dolls

Transsexual and shemale sex dolls are consistently the most popular sex toys on our site. We think this is for a number of reasons. For one, you get the best of both male and female body parts. These dolls have tight holes, large cock dildos, and big breasts. This makes them the perfect high end sex toy for liberated couples.

Transsexual and shemale sex dolls also open up whole new world of fantasy that are not usually available in real life.

Most people in the world would be hard pressed to be able to go out onto the street and find someone that would safely satisfy their transsexual or shemale sex fantasies. These sex dolls let you explore that fantasy anytime, in the privacy of your own home, and without the same level of concern for safety. These toys are a great way to live out shemale fantasies.

Finally, you’ll find a lot of different companies that make transsexual and gay sex dolls. All the major players are represented here: XR Brands, Topco, Pipedream. And you can get these sex doll in SexFlesh, Cyberskin, FantaFlesh and Silicone – all the top sex doll materials. So it is easy to find one in a material that you like.

If you like these toys, be sure to check out our sex toy blog devoted specifically to shemale sex toys – Here are some NEW shemale and transsexual sex toys from Amazon. Clicking these images and links will open these sex toys and tranny sex dolls at Amazon.

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