Sex Doll Heads, Sex Toy Heads
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  Basically, sex doll heads are lifesize heads with no bodies. The best ones looks like mannequin heads or cosmologist doll head. On one hand, they can a bit creepy because the technology used to sculpt them isn't quite where it should be - although it's getting better all the time and with advent of new polymers like TPE we are seeing some amazing new sex doll heads hit the market. On the other hand these men's sex toys are getting more and more popular on our websites because they are fun to play with, feel AMAZING, and are simply some of the best men's sex toys around. People like these sex doll heads, perhaps because they are bit a weird, or perhaps because once you start playing with one, you'll find that when you get one, you have a free blowjob at your disposal any time you want. At their most basics, sex doll heads are oral sex dolls. They are sculpted heads with mouth opening that let you get off to your hearts delight. The better ones have suction cups at the bottom so you can really go to town on them. Our favorite part is feeling the life-like hair in your hands when you play with them.   There aren't many sex doll heads available right now - but you're seeing more and more come out as men's sex toys are gaining more popularity and as sex toy manufacturers are learning that these dolls really do sell. You'll find the best from Pipedream Products - like the one pictured here - but other manufacturers are starting to get in on the game as well. We hope to see more and more of these, with more and more variety in the faces and hair in the future. In addition to sex doll heads, we've include some mouth strokers as well. These are the same idea but smaller. . .and less expensive. If you've never used a stroker, they feel amazing. . .much better than a hand. Enjoy this fun curated collection of sex toys.  

Sex Doll Heads from Amazon

Here is a great collection of sex doll heads curated from Amazon. When we were putting this together, the first thing we discover was that there aren't really that many sex doll heads and head specific sex toys available. But we did find some and included them all below. Because there were so few, we took some liberties with what we chose - ultimately going for any men's sex toy that was mouth or head related. We try to add new ones whenever we stumble across them because these sex doll heads are great toys, and some of the most fun men's sex toy currently available. We especially like the blonde and brunette from Pipedream Products - which are truly wonderful men's sex toys.

Sex Doll Head Video Demonstration

Here's a great video from Pipedream Products illustrating just how amazing sex doll heads are. Pipedream Products is one of the world's most popular sex toy makers. They probably make our favorite series of men's sex toys with their "Mega Mastubator" series of toys. They are pretty amazing. As are their sex doll heads. They have two. A blonde and a brunette. Both are basically the same. They can be affixed to a table or flat surface which let's you thrust into their mouth cavity without reservation. . .or using your hands. Check out the video below to see how they work. You'll most likely want on. Enjoy! Pipedreams Sex Doll Head Demo Video