5 RealDolls – Our 5 Favorite Real Dolls!

Use our RealDoll discount code ‘Love’ for a %5 discount at RealDoll.com. RealDoll is the premiere name in luxury sex dolls. They make incredibly high-end, incredibly luxurious sex dolls that are stunning to ogle over and even more amazing to play with. We dare say Real Dolls are the best luxury sex dolls you can get. There’s a number of reasons for this, but before we go on, let’s talk about price. RealDolls cost between $4000 and upwards of $8000. You can use our discount code – ‘Love’ when you order for %10 off, but they are still for people that really want the best sex dolls on the market – and can afford it. They are custom made of medical grade silicone, and they are amazing. Are RealDolls worth the hefty price tag? That’s up to the individual, but one thing is sure, when you see one you will see why they cost so much. The quality, look and feel, and simple gravitas of these next generation luxury sex dolls is apparent and amazing. One of the things we love about RealDolls are totally customizable. They offer a “build your own” sex doll section where you can choose A LOT of options like eyes, faces, body types, skin tone, hair color, pubic hair style and color, inserts, makeup and more. This is a great way to go for some. You can make some VERY amazing and exotic sex dolls this way, but others will appreciate RealDolls wide selection of pre-made dolls. When you order a RealDoll, it comes with lingerie or seasonal outfits. Male dolls will ship with a tank top and boxers. All dolls come with a sex doll cleaning kit, a care guide and a lube sample so you can use it freely right out of the box. We certainly do. To that end we present you with our picks for the “Top 5 High End Silicone RealDoll Sex Dolls”. These are ALL stunning dolls. And remember, if you ever order a RealDoll from their site online, be sure to use our RealDoll coupon – ‘Love’ when you check out our exclusive 5% discount. We hope you enjoy these stunning sex dolls.

Our 5 Favorite RealDoll Reall Sex Dolls

It’s important when looking at RealDolls to point out that they are ALL amazing. Really amazing looking and super high-quality. So the collection below is not meant to be a compiling of the BEST RealDolls, they are all the best. Instead, we went through and picked OUR favorites to give you a good idea of what they offer. They are not in order but numbered more to help in laying out the compendium of gorgeousness. Enjoy these! 1. Classic RealDoll The Classic RealDoll – the one that started it all. This gorgeous curvy silicone sex doll comes in two varieties – Jenn and Laila. You get both of them. They are two different faces that can be applied to the doll with magnets! Jenny is a firey redhead and Laila is mor of a down home nextdoor neighbor. As the original, it’s also one of the least expensive sex dolls available at their site – $3,999. If you use our code ‘Love’ you would save about $200 off the total. All silicone. All hotness. The first image is the doll, the second are the two face.
  • Classic RealDoll
  • Cost: $3,999
  • Options – Eyes / Face / Hair Color
  • Shaved Vagina
Learn More 2. Carmen – RD2 I think we went art school with Carmen, she was gay but we had a big cruch on her anyways. This Real Doll is fierce and always a little disapproving. . .for people that like that in a sex toy. Part of the RD2 line, like all RealDolls Carmen can be customized in a number of different ways – hair, eyes, makeup,  etc.   But to be honest, it was the standard look on the website with her taut expression and slightly parted lips that pushed us to including her on this list.
  • Carmen RealDoll
  • Cost: $6,149.99
  • Options – Eyes / Face / Hair Color
  • Shaved Vagina
Learn More 3.  Quinn 1.0 RealDoll We feel in love with Quinn the secon dwe saw her.  Large breasts, and amazing country girl expression and curvy but athletic body drew us in immediately. That said, like all RealDolls, Quinn has a feature called “Face X” that lets you swap any doll body with any doll face.   They use magnets to hold the face on. We applaud this move on RealDoll’s part because so much of the doll’s personality and beauty are in the stunningly sculpted faces.
  • Carmen RealDoll
  • Cost: $6,149.99
  • Options – Eyes / Face / Hair Color
  • Shaved Vagina
Learn More 4. Stormy Daniels RealDoll The President’s mistress is an old fantasy. With Trump’s tabloid presidency, it just got easy for us to live that fantasy out to the fullest. Introducing the Stormy Daniels RealDoll. Blonde, buxom and bumpin’ in every way, this doll is a testament to all that is great in ‘Murica. We love her! $6,999 will buy you sex with the President’s ex-mistress whenever you want with this amazing top of the line sex doll from RealDoll. While the pictures aren’t an EXACT likeness to one of our favorite recent additions to the media hype surrounding the Trump, we’ll let you be the judge and do your own investigation.
  • Stormy Daniels RealDoll
  • Cost: $6,999.99
  • Buy Preconfigured for the most realistic Experience!
  • Shaved Vagina
Learn More 5. Sai 2.0 Petite RealDoll For some, a full size silicone RealDoll is simply too much! They ARE large, they ARE heavy and sometimes you just want something smaller and easier to manage. This is where RealDoll’s Petite collection comes into play. They are smaller than classic RealDolls, but still have the same umph. That brings us to the last sex doll on our list – Sai 2.0 (not to be confused with Sai 1.0!). She is part of RealDoll’s petite collection and as hot as any of their larger dolls. She is decidedly eastern in flavor and all around amazing. Check out the pictures to see why this beauty is part of our picks.
  • Sai Petite RealDoll
  • Cost: $6,573.99
  • Buy Preconfigured for the most realistic Experience!
  • Umber Colored Niples
Learn More
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