Four Top Luxury Male Sex Dolls

Male silicone sex dolls are not for the prudish (the like one we linked to – check it out). Nor are they for the cheap – as you will see from the amazing dolls we’ve curated below.

We’ve collected 4 of the coolest, highest quality and most expensive TPE and silicone male sex dolls available. High end male silicone sex dolls are a great way to bring get out your craziest sex fantasies, bring a third person into the bedroom, or simply experience what it is like to get it one with another man.

High Quality Male Sex Dolls

You’ll find the dolls below are made of or a silicone/TPE blend. These are the best quality sex toy materials you can buy.  They are durable, hypo-allergenic, and feel just like real skin – especially when lube up with a water based lube. Silicone is the best sex doll material available. It is light, feels like skin and is generally amazing. You’ll find the best of the best sex dolls are all made from medical grade silicone.

TPE stands for Thermo Plastic Elastomer. TPE materials are generally proprietary blends of plastics. The quality of sex doll will depend on the quality of the TPE. While TPE is generally not quite as good as silicone, it is still quite a good sex doll material regardless of whether your getting a female sex doll or a male sex doll.

All of the male sex dolls below (except for the Tranny Terri masturbator) have interior metal skeletons so you can pose them any way you want. Because silicone and TPE are VERY flexible, when you repose the doll in a new position, it will come back to its regular shape. This ensure that the male sex doll’s skin won’t stretch out as you move him around and won’t sag with repeated use.

Best Male Sex Dolls

Amazing and Expensive Male Silicone Sex Doll1. MR. H. Life Size Male Sex Doll

TOP OF THE LINE male silicone sex doll – at almost $10,000 he better be! This male silicone doll looks like something out of a Hong Kong cop film. Gritty, determined and hyper-realistic, he sports one of the most amazing bodies we’ve seen on any silicone sex doll – male or female. He is a stunner. He has the same basic features of most of the other dolls on our site in the same way a honda is similar to a Rolls Royce – this doll is the Rolls Royce. He is made with medical grade silicone which is complete non-porous so bacteria won’t grow on it! And just look at the photos to see the EXTREME care and attention to detail that went into making this amazing male sex doll. Awesome – more male sex dolls like this please! Cost: $8095

2. Leo (DiCaprio?) Male Sex Doll

Have you ever wanted to get down with someone from a boy band? Who hasn’t?!?! And with this amazing – super spendy – sex doll, you can! Made with the same medical grade silicone as the other dolls on this list, this sex doll is amazing, well made, and A LOT of fun to play with. The manufacturer says this doll is more handsome than other dolls – and we have to agreee. Just looking at the images, you can see the care and attention to detail that went into making this doll. The makers even say the skin is oily like a teenage boys?!?! (ummmm. . . cool?) The interior has a stainless steel skeleton with muscle made of sponge. Contact the manufacturer before you order to talk about what kind of genitalia you want – male or female. . . The anus is 11cm deeps with is good enough to lightly thrust into. For more action, check out the D2 Mandarin Duck doll below. Cost: $8095 (at Amazon) View at Amazon

3. Super Popular Shemale Masturbator – Tranny Terri

Now for a less expensive, but many would say simply astounding, sex doll. We went to the other end of the spectrum with this TPE masturbator from SexFlesh. It’s their shemale torso – Tranny Terri sex doll. We did say male sex dolls, but this shemale sex doll is the most popular sex doll across all our sites, so we want to include it in this list. 21 inches in length, 13.5 in width, 6 inches in height, Cock is 1.75 inches in diameter. 8 inch dildo. Ribbed anal interior Life like skin Through hole for cleaning Retail packaging consists of a plain brown box Cost: $206.65 (at Amazon) View at Amazon

4. Silicone D2 Male Sex Doll

Mandarin Duck is know for making great mid-range sex dolls. Their female dolls generally have an eastern or Asian flare, this is one of their male dolls. This male sex doll is one of Mandarin Duck’s true male sex dolls. He’s muscular – looks to be in his mid-twenties with a great, muscular but slender body and very cute face. He’s made of “Environmental Protections” silicone. We’re not exactly sure what makes that different than regular silicone, but the makers says it’s a step up from the TPE of the SexFlesh masturbator above. We would add not quite as good as the medical grade silicone of the first two male sex dolls. Regardless, he’s a VERY good male sex doll and one that has been around for a while. We’re big fans of this doll. You can customize the head, wigs, eyes, skin color, etc. There are a lot of different options. Cost: $2,299.00 (at Amazon) View at Amazon
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