Shopping for Sex Toys can be weird, so we try to make it not weird!

Rabbit Rabbit Publishing is the premiere publisher of a sex toy blogs on the internet. We have a number of sites based around specific sex toy niches including this lovely site.

We create websites that are safe to browse and fun to look at. We do not publish any nudity on our sites. We like the focus to be the toys and don’t want to visually assault any of our visitors. That said, the toys on our site are very naked. And very hot.

We publish websites for all sexual orientations and genders. We definitely do not discriminate.

Wr think sex toys are the perfect antidote to today’s world of bombs, terror, crazy politicians, greed and all the other ills that face us.

A good sex toy can be liberating, can make you feel awesome and playing with it is a great way to relieve stress of life.

We also believe sex toys are a nice and safe way for couples to experiment in the bedroom.

Let’s say your wife or girlfriend wants a threesome but you don’t feel comfortable propositioning a third party for sex. Just get a sex doll with a big penis and you’re good to go.

Gone are the days of the reclusive weirdo holed up alone with a love doll. We can tell you from the amount of toys we point people to on our sites that everyone likes sex toys and sex dolls.

Buying Sex Toys and Sex Dolls Online

Many towns don’t have sex toy stores, and if they do, it can be embarrassing for people to go in them. This is where my sites come in.

Rabbit Rabbit Publish is located in northern Michigan. And we don’t have a sex toy store anywhere near us that sells the toys we have on our site.

So we wanted to collect the coolest toys from around the web and present them to people in an environment that is safe to browse without a lot of nudity on them.

Note from the publisher…

We focus on the toys, which are definitely sexy in their own right. . .and getting sexier all the time. When you shop for a sex toy, we believe you shouldn’t have to be bombarded with pornography. We like to say, our sites feature VERY naked toys.

Personally, for full disclosure, I don’t own a TON of sex toys, I have a Fleshlight, a luxury SexFlesh doll that I ordered from Amazon after making my first sex toy site (that I still LOVE), a set of anal beads and a crazy looking but incredibly effective prostate massager. I will probably pick up a robotic blowjob machine like the Autoblow at some point because they look AWESOME.

I don’t publish full reviews of all the toys on the site, and when we do get free toys, we generally send them to a freelance writer (usually one of our best friends) to review for us. I try to be more of a sex toy curator. Bringing all these amazing toys together in one place that is very easy to browse.

That said, we try very hard not to have any naked real people on our site. Sometimes they slip in through ads, but I intentionally don’t think you should have to look at a lot of extreme nudity when buying toys. I like the toys themselves to be the focus.

That said, I make a very small (soooo wish it was bigger) commission from the toys that people buy from our site. And I can tell you from the traffic numbers that people are finding our sites and people do buy sextoys and sex dolls. This is not a full time job, but a way to make some fun money on the side and let people know that these cool tools are available and you get can them discreetly and safely from the merchants we point people to.

Please enjoy the toys. Have fun browsing. Be brave and have fun!!!

– Steve B.