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Looking for that perfect male to please you over and over again? The Sexflesh Chiseled Chad Male Love Doll comes hard and ready with an 8 inch cock that can bend to hit the right spots just where you want it.

As rugged, rippled, rigid and delectably veiny as the days and nights are long; Chiseled Chad is a veritable wet dream just waiting to grace your private stage with all the sights and sensations a lover of men could desire.

If you want to enjoy some anal play be prepared to enjoy the stimulation offered by the ribbed tunnel. His flesh is soft and realistic-like but his core is firm so you can enjoy him however you want and as often as you like.

He’s got enough weight to hold his own against your loving thrusts, approximately 24 lbs., but he’s still light enough to be toted around for those long stays away from most of your normal comforts of home.

The Best Male Sex Doll Ever: Chiseled ChadChiseled Chad is also a flat backed masturbator so he will stay in nearly any position you place him in without a fuss and his hand painted form and details leave absolutely nothing to the imagination while adding to the delightful immersion that a toy of this caliber offers.

Not too large and not too small the Chad Male love doll is easy to store when you aren’t using him. Remember to always store Chad, once he is cleaned and fully dried, in a cool and dry location to prevent mold and mildew build up.

Always use water based lubrication with porous and flesh like toys of this nature to preserve the flesh’s integrity and allow for years of loving enjoyment.

In addition, once Chiseled Chad is clean and dry he can be externally powdered down with some corn starch or a similar type of renewing powder to refresh the flesh and remove any lingering dust or dirt from storage or transportation.

Sexflesh Male Love Doll Features
• Life-like material
• Ribbed anal tunnel
• Easy to clean
• 8 inch dildo
• Flat base for a variety of placements

Sexflesh Male Love Doll Dimensions & Weight
• 18” x 15” x 8”
• 24.2 pounds

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