Sabrina - Red Head WMDoll

Gorgeous - Realistic Sex Doll from Sexy Real Sex Doll

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Her name is Sabrina and she might be the most stunning real doll we’ve seen. So realistic. So hot! Although to be honest, there are some AMAZING sex dolls hitting the market these days. They are all hyper-realistic and hyper-sexy!

The first you notice is the eyes – blue within blue. The remind me of the scene in Blade Runner where the old chinese man talks about making robots eyes. The eyes on this sex doll are brighter and more stunning.

Next thing you notice is the dolls muscle tone. VERY realistic, she is petite but muscular. She works out and is athletic.

Her B-Cup breasts are gorgeous – taut and upturned with small and cute nipples. The dimensions and shape of her stomach are some of the most realistic we’ve seen. It’s really amazing to see how realistic sex dolls are becoming.

She is 5 foot, 7 inches tall with a 31 inch bust. Her waist is 22.8 inches. she could be compared to a tall, skinny and athletic woman. She has three holes you can thrust into – oral, vaginal and anal. All the holes are ribbed and feel great.

She is made by WMDoll. They are one of the PREMIERE maker of sex dolls in the world. . . so you KNOW it’s going to be top quality. Just look up reviews on WMDolls and you can see how much people like them (aka – A LOT!).

You can purchase her at Which is one of our favorite online sex doll stores. They specialize in WMDOLLs and have a great selection.

Redhead Sex Doll Video

Vimeo Video of this Super Hot Sex Doll

Redhead Sex Doll Specifications

Height and Measurements of the Awesome Redhead Sex Doll

  • Height: 172cm | 5ft 7inch
  • Full Bust: 79cm | 31.1inch
  • Waist: 58cm | 22.8 inch
  • Hips: 86cm | 33.9 inch
  • Weight: 38.5kg | 84.8 lbs
  • Under Bust: 66cm | 26 inch
  • Shoulders: 38cm | 15 inch

One thing we should mention about this sex doll is that she is heavy at over 80 pounds.  She is a realistic – super high end sex doll.  

If you are older or have trouble heaving large objects around you might look at something a little lighter like these men’s masturbators.  They are some of the best men’s sex toys around and a lot of fun to play with!

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