Cyberskin Nicole Aniston Sex Doll

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Topco Sales Cyberskin Reality Girl Nicole Aniston

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as of April 5, 2020 9:57 am


  • U-shaped inner tunnel for easy cleaning
  • Hand painted details
  • Phthalate free
  • Waterproof

This Nicole Aniston Cyberskin real sex doll is the sister doll to the Marica Hase love doll. Both are hand painted. Both are from Topco – maker of great CyberSkin sex toys – and both are amazing. Nicole Aniston was the 2013 Playmate of the year and Marica Hase was the Penthouse Pet of 2013.

The Nicole Aniston Love Doll is a high end, quality sex toy for men that are looking for something a little more serious than your basic Fleshlight.

It’s hand painted, and looks good. You can see the care that went into making the Nicole Aniston doll look really good. We’ve seen A LOT of sex dolls with faces that look genderless, or even somewhat scary as they stare back up to you. This is not one of those.

Her face looks good, her vagine looks great and her anus looks nice. All of which you can enter and play with. And all three holes are textured.

She has a solid core made of TopCo’s IsoFoam material. The core is covered with the more realistic feeling CyberSkin. She has huge breasts for a sex doll and a great round booty. But our favorite part of the Nicole Aniston love doll is that she vibrates and warms up.

The doll comes with 6 bullets you can put inside her and when you turn them on, the whole body quivers and shakes. Our only recommendation is that you get A LOT of rechargeable batteries when you’re REALLY using her, because you will go through them and be glad you did.

out of stock
as of April 5, 2020 9:57 am

She heats by way of two heating wands and becomes normal human temperature in about ten minutes. She is waterproof, but we don’t recommend taking her in the tub – or any water – with the vibrating eggs and heating wands inside of her.

Finally, the tunnels for her vagina and anus are connected and U-shaped. This make is a breeze to clean. Just shoot warm water in one hole and it washes out the other. This is a very nice feature that you’re starting to see in more and more high end sex dolls like this.

If you’ve ever fantasized about 2013 Playmate Nicole Aniston. Wanted to get it on with a hot blonde, or are shopping for a top of the line men’s sex toy, then this love doll might be one to check out. It’s new in 2014 and represents the next generation of set toys for men, and women, that REALLY want to play hard.

out of stock
as of April 5, 2020 9:57 am

Many people are seeking new ways to explore and satisfy their sexual needs, some look on magazines and others browse on websites to see what they need to do or buy.  Sex toys have become a huge hit and more and more varieties are being created all the time.

The sex dolls we feature here are your run-of-the-mill sex toys. Instead, they are the answer to all your sexual desires and fantasies.  ;)

Hyper-realistic and stunning to touch and play with, these gorgeous sex dolls and luscious sex toys are next generation of adult playthings.

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We have chosen to refer people to Amazon to purchase sex dolls and high-quality sex toys from. We find that people trust them. They have stores around the world, and their products are shipped discreetly.When you buy a high-quality sex doll from Amazon, you should simply order it online, then contact the seller directly and see what options are available for your new sex doll. You can get their information from the invoice for their web store.

Many of the sex dolls profiled on our site are available with different hair styles, different makeup, eye color, etc. Contact them and ask what options are available for your new doll. Or even better, email them before!

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These are our picks for the top-rated sex dolls and luxury toys. These are not the most expensive sex toys – by any stretch – but we love them and thought you would to. We update this list every once and a while as some awesome new sex doll or sex toy crosses our desks.

If you have a sex toy or sex doll you would like to have reviewed please send an email to: – our sex toy media publishing company.

Autoblow 2 - Best Crowd-Funded

We like the Autoblow 2 robotic blowjob machine because it’s a hands free men’s blowjob sex machine, the makers crowd-funded it to get it going (go humans!), and it feels great when it rubs against your skin.

You can check out the Autoblow 2 at their website, or look at our write up of this robotic sex toy here at our sex machine blog – where you will find this toy and many other sex machines and robotic blowjob sex toys like it.

Luxury Blow Up Sex Doll Amber

Fuck Friends Love Doll – Amber from Hott Products is one of our favorite blow up sex dolls.  She looks great and it MUCH more realistic than cheaper inflatable dolls.   She is one of a great set of luxury blow up sex doll from Hott.

 She is a life size brunette.  When you blow her up, using the air pump that comes included, she will be in the sitting.

Best Torso Sex Doll

Great for men, women and couples (have a third partner in bed without the emotional baggage!), this shemale sex doll makes the perfect third person to bring into a bed or works as an easy way to satisfy your transsexual and shemale fantasies.

We like the size of this tranny sex doll, we like the look of it, and we like the feel of the material – SexFlesh; this is a great quality SexFlesh sex doll and one of the best and most popular tranny sex toys you can get.


Best Simple Men's Sex Toy

This ULTRASKYN stroker is molded directly from the award-winning adult star’s perfect pussy and designed to stand up to your hardest pounding. It feels amazing.  Is easy to hide or travel with and is an AWESOME alternative to your hand.   Even better if you can get someone else to use it on you!

Handcrafted with a plush pleasure-textured interior and snug fit, the lifelike material of this premium replica offers a feeling so real it’s the next best thing to Dani’s own luscious pussy.  This is just a simple, great little men’s sex toy.

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