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Real Doll Sex Dolls
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RealDoll is the company that changed the face and standards of sexual wellness dolls the world over. Just looking at one and you can see that these dolls were created out of a sheer love and passion for the perfection of the personal sex doll.

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RealDoll Represents Luxury

These doll represent luxury in the area of sex doll. Options for personalization of these dolls far surpasses what is offered elsewhere.

The materials the RealDoll Company uses are state of the art, completely safe for longer-term use and are comprised of a blend of platinum silicones that are completely exclusive to RealDoll. It’s a formula they have designed, patented and perfected over the years and no other company can legally replicate it.

There is not another love doll in the world that can boast the same features and incredible quality than that of an official RealDoll. And as the years pass more and more features and styling options become available. As it stands now, you simply cannot find a more diverse selection of customization options anywhere.

From choosing skin tone, hair, make-up, to freckles, dimples and every bit of her you can think of, you can customize your partner.

Want a certain shaped vulva? There are several. RealDolls come standard with a removable vulva and vaginal canal piece to allow for easy cleaning – one of our favorite options. Though if aesthetics are far more important to you than ease of aftercare then the static placed vulva would be more to your liking.

Is there a perfect nipple that drives you wild? They have over 20 different nipple styles! There are elf ears, blue or green skin, and much more. Inevitably you’re going to be able to find, or design, your dream doll at their, whether you want a male, female, or transgender.

RealDolls are Sturdy and Strong

RealDolls are as sturdy on the inside as they are gorgeous on the outside and come bearing a lightweight, reinforced steel skeletal structure that is equipped with the strongest, yet also the lightest and longest lasting stiff doll joints available.

Each joint is maneuverable but at the same time will hold fast in the position you place her in and no matter the thrust, she will remain steadfast. It’s safe to let yourself get really creative here! There are few sexual positions that RealDolls cannot comfortably and reliably accommodate so feel free and shake things up a bit. She’ll never mind, it’s what she’s made for.

Due to the incredible care and specializations that are offered to each and every customer who invests in a genuine Real Doll, these joys to your world will range in price from $600.00 on the lower end and over $6,000.00 for the most heavily customized RealDolls on the market, like the ones that have larger endowments, body piercings or custom make-up derived from a customer submitted image or hand painted irises.

There are even more options than the ones listed above, so don’t hesitate to take a look around and see if something piques your interest. Inquiries are always welcome.

There’s a wealth of carnal delight awaiting you. Let yourself indulge in a little lusty lesson on the love doll that rules them all, RealDoll.