Masturbators – Luxury Sex Toys for Men
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Masturbators are smaller, more Americanized sex dolls than your traditional Japanese Real Doll. Masturbators come from companies like Pipedream Products, SexFlesh (XRBrands) or Topco. These are generally not made of silicone like more expensive sex dolls, and they come in ALL shapes and sizes.  This is basically your go-to men’s sex toy.

Rather, masturbator style sex dolls are manufactured out of some variation of SexFlesh or Cyberskin TPE. These sex dolls represent the mid-range of the sex toy spectrum.

These mid-range Pipedream, SexFlesh and Cyberskin masturbators toys are VERY popular. They’re fun to play with. They have amazing curves, and they are generally much more discreet than larger-higher price toys. We also like that you can get them in all shapes and sizes.

That said, these luxury realistic sex dolls are some serious, and seriously fun playthings.

Pipedream Products Mega Masturbators

Pipedream Products, and a host of smaller sex doll manufacturers, make amazing high end sex dolls and luxury sex toys. They have a couple sex toy lines that should appeal to sex doll aficionados, but we are big fans of their Mega Masturbators. You can find a wide variety below. Additionally, people that frequent our sex toy blogs –, – LOVE the ass sex doll from Pipedream Products. They are simple to use and great fun to thrust into.



SexFlesh Sex Dolls and Masturbators

SexFlesh is a great luxury sex doll and sex toy material. It’s made by a major sex toy manufacturer called XR Brands. They make a number of amazing sex toys including making the first mass produced line of high-end, high quality sex machines (check out their amazing Versa Sex Machine).

SexFlesh is soft but firm and has a nice weight to it. It can be sculpted to a certain degree (although not quite as much as Cyberskin) and we are starting to see a lot of SexFlesh toys hitting the market. The best part about SexFlesh is that is feels AWESOME. If you haven’t tried a toy like this, we highly recommend them.

The material is a derivative of a foam material that was originally created by NASA for their space program. It was a seat material. It eventually found it’s way to the private sector where it eventually evolved into the SexFlesh sex toy material.

SexFlesh sex dolls are soft and fleshy on the outside, but hard on the inside. They are hefty toys and feel great when they are wet or lubed up. You can find a wide seletion of SexFlesh toys at Amazon. They feel hyper-realistic and are some of the best selling sex toys on any of our blogs. People especially love SexFlesh asses.


Cyberskin Masturbator Sex Dolls

Cyberskin is a type of sex doll material used by Topco sex toys to make realistic sex dolls. While not as popular as Pipedream Product range of sex dolls. These are slightly better and will serve you VERY well.

You will find Cyberskin covering a lot of different dolls and mid-range sex toys. The look and other aspects of the sex dolls will differ between models, but there are some VERY good ones out there.

Many people think that Cyberskin sex toy material is the best of any mid-range material. One look at some of the Cyberskin sex toys and doll modeled after models and porn stars and you’ll see why. They look amazing. Cyberskin toys are definitely worth looking into when picking up a mid-range sex doll or toy.

Here are some of the best Cyberskin Sex Dolls and toys we’ve found on Amazon.

Buy Men’s Masturbator Sex Toys Online

Our final collection is this bevy of plaything from Amazon. We’ve basically collected all the men’s masturbators that we could find into one place. This is it! These are all really fun sex toys.

When using them PLEASE only use water based lube. This will extend their lifespan greatly. You can find some great water based lube at our store – Sex Doll Planet. Enjoy this great collection of fun sex toys.