King Mansion’s Beautiful TPE Sex Dolls

King Mansion is a TPE and silicone sex doll and sex toy distribution companies we recently started seeing on the web. The TPE silicone real dolls they are bringing to the western world are pretty awesome and some of the most forward looking sex dolls we’ve seen.

King Mansion real dolls and TPE silicone sex dolls are GORGEOUS – some of the best looking sex dolls we’ve ever seen – both in their voluptuous bodies and in their silky smooth faces.

These next generation sex dolls are really at the cutting edge of real doll performance and design.

That said, you definitely pay for that level of luxury and attention to detail, and yet the dolls themselves are mid range in the world of luxury sex toys.

King Mansion real dolls and TPE sex dolls run anywhere from $500 to $2000 and more. These TPE are not traditional silicone real dolls which can run upwards of $4,000. But rather the mid-range version which are much more affordable and just as nice.

New King Mansion Sex Doll Picks

Here’s some amazing new King Mansion Sex Dolls from Amazon.  These are our personal current picks for the tops King Mansion sex dolls currently available.  We LOVE these sex dolls and get not complaints from people that order them.

What Are King Mansion Sex Dolls?

King Mansion sex dolls are made of a high grade silicone tpe blend. This is a futuristic polymer blend that is soft and supple like real skin. It is simple to sculpt and mold, and maintains its shape so that you can bend and stretch it and it will return to normal when you are done.

You can purchase them at Amazon safely and discreetly, and while they are not cheap, they definitely provide and amazing experience for those looking for next-level sex play.

Because there are so many amazing King Mansion TPE real dolls becoming available, we decided to create the gallery below to highlight these amazing toys. Just find one, or many, that you like and click the image to find out more information about the toy.

They will take you to a product page on Amazon where the seller has a great rating.

King Mansion Sex Doll Reviews

Buy King Mansion Real Dolls Online

These are some of the most beautiful real dolls and tpe silicone sex dolls we’ve seen. If you can afford it, they are definately worth the price tag.

There are universes of difference between getting yourself off with your hand and playing with one of these luxury sex dolls.  It’s as if your deepest sexual fantasies have been give the ability to come true.  And these King Mansion dolls are some of the best sex doll for the price.

Many people would agree, these dolls are starting to catch on. Enjoy this fun collection of great silicone sex dolls.

Like we said above, clicking the links will open the King Mansion real doll’s page at

King Mansion Sex Dolls Heads | Oral Sex Toys

King Mansion has started to sell JUST their sex doll heads as oral sex toys.  These are gorgeously sculpted men’s sex toys at a fraction of the price.  They are the same high quality as the rest of their TPE and silicone sex dolls and look just as beautiful.

Most of these hot sex doll heads cost around $200.  There are a couple other companies putting these luxury sex doll heads out as well.  In this section we highlight those specifically made by King Mansion.  You can find the other oral sex toys at our Sex Doll Head page.

We really like King Mansion’s new sex doll heads a lot.  We’re happy to see them come out and hope they continue the tred.  While not as enveloping as full, life-size sex dolls.  They open up entirely new avenues of fantasy.  Great stuff here.

Like you, many people are seeking ways to explore and satisfy their sexual needs, some look on magazines and others browse on websites to see what they need to do or buy. Due to this fact, sex toys becomes a huge hit, although many users enjoy the stimulation many still miss the feeling of having someone to do it, that is when sex dolls or love dolls came into the scene.

These are not your ordinary love dolls. These dolls are the answer to all your sexual desires and fantasies.

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