A.I. Sex Robots

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I asked how many guys would have sex with a robot if it was indistinguishable from a hot human woman. About 95 percent of the hetero guys said they would. The other 5 percent expressed a strong preference for lying.

– SCOTT ADAMS, Stick to Drawing Comics, Monkey Brain!

The future of sex robots has arrived and they are available on Amazon.  There are not that many available. . yet, but the collection below represents the latest AI powered high-end, luxury sex robots that you can buy right now.

These are pretty amazing sex dolls and are the cutting edge of robot technology. They are the sex robots you’ve been seeing on the news lately. We were cruising through Amazon to find new sex dolls for this site, and saw this – A.I. Sex Robot at Amazon (you can see them all below!)  We were super excited. We’ve been waiting for these to hit the mainstream for a couple years now. And here they are. . . kind of.

They are basically the same as the silicone and TPE sex dolls you find across our site, but powered with AI technology.   They don’t move like robots – this has yet to become a mainstream technology.  But they do have facial expressions, talk, and respond to your questions.  Think of them as a sexy Siri or Google Assistant.

In fact, if you look inside the heads of these A.I. Sex Robots, you will see a tablet inside powering the robots.  You can purchase the exact same AI as a virtual companion on your phone.  This app will give you a virtual girlfriend.   It’s called the Harmony AI App.

NGDoll's A.I. Sex Doll at Amazon

  • The doll can talk/chat with you directly.  When she talks, her eyes, eyebrows, lips and mouth move. Her head will also turn if she doesn’t agree with you. 
  • She will remember what you said before, then can remind you or talk with you about the remembered content!
  • It has all functions of a luxury silicone or TPE sex doll, with anal and vaginal tunnels. 
  • Animated eyes move and blink.  She can tell stories, jokes, and  sing songs.  She will also moan in different veracities according to the level you excite her.
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