Gu-Aisling Luxury Sex Dolls
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2018 has brought a couple new players to the imported luxury sex doll market. One of our favorite distributors this year is Gu-Aisling. We’ve seen them bringing in some classic next-generation dolls as well as some REALLY cool alt-style sex dolls and some lower price versions of incredibly expensive dolls. These are not silicone dolls but rather TPE sex dolls modelled after higher price Reall Dolls and WMDolls.

Some of the luxury TPE sex dolls Gu-Aisling is bringing to the west are amazing. They are selling a VAMPIRE sex doll! LOVE HER! She’s the goth looking sex doll on the grid below.  We also have a  picture of her on our site looking amazing.  Just go to the homepage and look in the fantasy sex doll section.  The vampire sex doll stands out – you can’t miss her.

We’ve seen a few elf style sex dolls come through, and we’re starting to see A LOT of anime and hentai sex dolls, but this is the first Vampire Sex Doll we’ve seen. We hope there are more like this!

Gu-Aisling is an importer of a lot of different types of Sillicone TPE sex dolls. These are all very high-quality, luxury Silicone sex dolls that fall in the middle of the price range of sex dolls.

When you see sex dolls on the news, these are the dolls people are usually addressing. They are made of a silicone blend of materials – loot at individual doll descriptions for more the makeup of each doll – but in general, these are incredibly life-like dolls with the skin feeling feel to the touch.

They are elastic so you can pose them in different postions and the skin will fall back into place when you move them. It’s pretty amazing.

The faces are STUNNING, stunning. We recommend picking one, then ordering it, then contact the manufacturer – Gu-Aisling to see what options are avaible for customization. Many of the dolls they import are from WMDoll or King Mansion. We love this collection of sex dolls and most are new for 2018!

Gu-Aisling Luxury Sex Dolls

TPE Sex Dolls – What is TPE Sex Doll Material

TPE stans for a range of sex toy materials. It stands for Thermoplastic Elastomers (TPE) and is basically a blend of rubber and plastic. It’s life-like in its appearence and texture. It is used in Cyberskin, FantaFlesh and many other sex toys. TPE generally does not contain PVC, Latex or Phthalates.

Most of the sex dolls on our page are TPE. They are smooth and squishy, and often feel like satin when you touch them. This texture comes from ‘renewel’ powder on them.

TPE sex dolls are porous so you will want to make sure you clean it with some anti-bacterial soap after each use. Just use soft soap and pat it dry. Don’t submerge the dolls in waters, but only use water based lube. If you use a silicone or oil-based lube the TPE doll material will start to deteriorate.

With proper love and care, these TPE sex dolls should last a long, long time.