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An Elf Sex Doll!!! It's a luxury love doll, so it's more expensive than most sex dolls, but it's a real elf sex doll so we think many people will appreciate it despite the price tag.

This is a great sex doll for anyone that loves fantasy, World of Warcraft, or Dungeons and Dragons.

We love all those things, and really love this sex toy. To start with, did we mention that she's an elf. . .with real pointy elf ears? Second, she's hot. Not all sex dolls are, but this ones is really beautiful. She's got an amazing body and a beautiful face to match.

This fantasy love doll is brand new and really stunning. If this doll is any indication as to what's coming in the world of luxury sex toys, then we are definitely excited.

She's made of silicone, which is the highest end sex toy material currently available. It's hypo-allergenic and pthalate free. It feels VERY close to the real thing - especially when lubed up, and she can be heated and cooled to pretty extreme degrees.

It also means she's very strong and can really take some rough play. But most of all she's just stunning to look at as you can see from the pictures below.

If you're looking for a truly amazing sex doll - or if you happen to be looking specifically for an elf sex doll - then this gorgeous girl might be the perfect thing to fulfill you fantasy fantasies.

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