You can buy many of the same sex dolls in Canada that you can in the US. And even better – many of the high end sex dolls you order in Canada can be shipped to you for free. This is a great deal since they can be rather large and somewhat heavy. . . and it being Canada, you might need them shipped from a serious distance.

It used to be that Canadian laws were strict in regards to what sex toys and sex dolls could buy. Border agents would actually confiscate toys as they came into the country under obscenity laws. But these days you can bring almost any sex toy into Canada. While the Canada Border Services Agency is still empowered to stop the importation of materials prohibited under obscenity laws, sex toys are pretty free to cross.

Below you’ll find a collection of sex dolls specifically curated for Canadians. Clicking the links will open the dolls in Amazon Canada and prices are listed in Canadian dollars. You’ll see some variations between these and those sex dolls available in Britain and the US.

The dolls below are generally made of high quality silicone, TPE (a futuristic plastic compound), or some variation or combination of the two. These are some of the best sex toys available anywhere in the world, so if you’re looking for a way to stay warm through those cold Canadian nights, a large luxury sex doll might be just the thing.

Buy Sex Dolls and Real Dolls in Canada

The sex dolls below were all curated from Amazon Canada. As we mentioned above, clicking on the images or links will open the doll on their site. They have great deals on a wide variety of sex dolls. Enjoy this fun curated collection of some of the world’s best sex toys!