Men's Sex Toys - Artificial Vaginas, Masturbators & StrokersArtificial or fake vaginas go by many names. People call them pocket pussies, Fleshlights, strokers, masturbators and more. These are simple, generic sex toys that look fun and feel AMAZING.Masturbators, strokers and artificial vaginas are basically a vagina that sits on the tip of a textured tube. You put your penis in use it the same way you would a regular pussy. You'll find many kinds below, but regardless of the type you get, they are all going to feel great. While we like the more expensive, high end versions even a simpler cheap one will get you off in ways you've never experienced before.If you pick up a masturbator or stroker for the first time, we guarantee it will change the way you masturbate. Just lube it up and start stroking. You will thank us. Like we said above, even the inexpensive varieties feel great.

Many Kinds of Masturbators - Two Categories

Men's Sex Toys - Artificial Vaginas, Masturbators & StrokersThere are two basic styles of masturbators or artificial vaginas: a simple Fleshlight style, and what we've coined - the high-end style.Fleshlights - and other Fleshlight style strokers - have been with us for a long time. Actual Fleshlights are the number one best men's sex toy - and the best selling. These are your basic fake vagina on the end of a tube. Fleshlights are easy to use and will feel amazing as they moves up and down on your cock. Some say these pocket pussies feel better than the real thing!High-end masturbators, strokers and artificial vaginas take the simple Fleshlight concept a bit further. They are Fleshlights with a bit more skin to them. High-end artificial vaginas will have more butt or thigh attached. This gives you an extra sensation against your hips as you thrust into it. You can find high-end men's sex toys of all kinds below. [Guys - you should DEFINITELY check one out - they are sooo much better than your hand - ed.].Classic Fleshlights and Fleshlight style masturbators are used in your hand, while high end artificial vaginas are meant to site up a flat surface, so you can use your hands for. . .other things.We've brought together this selection of the best masturbators and artificial vaginas from Amazon, Adam and Eve and Eden Fantasies. All are top of the line online stores and should serve you well when shopping for sex toys.If you're want to get an actual Fleshlight - and you probably should get one, 😉 - we suggest using the banner ad below to go straight to their online store. It's easier to shop than Amazon, and equally as safe.
Men's Sex Toys - Artificial Vaginas, Masturbators & Strokers

Artificial Vaginas, Strokers and Masturbators from Amazon

This is a collection of artificial vaginas from Amazon and a couple other online stores that we curated for your perusing pleasure. This is a great collection. You'll find that Amazon is the largest seller of sex toys on the planet. They have A LOT of men's sex toys for sale on their site. They only problem it, they aren't always the easiest to find. That was the inspiration for these sites.You'll see a great collection of the Amazon men's sex toy below. There is some toy crossover with the Kanojo Toys / Japanese men's sex toy collection toward the bottom of the page. But all in all, you'll find some great men's sex toys here - pocket pussies, strokers, masturbators and more.

Artificial Vaginas, Strokers and Masturbators from Kanojo Toys in Japan

Kanojo Toys is our favorite Japanese sex toy store, and you can order toys from Kanojo anywhere in the western world and have them safely sent to you. They have many toys that you can't find in the US. That's the beauty of Kanojo Toys sex toy store. You can certainly find many sex toys there - for men and women - that you will find at western stores, but you will also find some amazing and often crazy sex toys that you won't find anywhere else.The best thing for men is that there are a number of great pocket pussies and artificial vaginas from their site, and they are very western friendly.