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SexyRealSexDolls Web Store Review

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SexyRealSexDolls Web Store Review
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157cm (5ft2′) B-Cup Beautiful Real Doll with Tiny Tits – Shannon – From Sexy Real Sex Doll

Are you craving for some sinful pleasures, but do not have a partner who can fulfill your fantasies?

Well, no need to worry anymore as Sexy Real Sex Dolls brings to you a huge collection of sex dolls that can be your perfect partner any time of the day and anywhere you want. This online store has earned a reputation for offering sex dolls exactly as you need them.

And if you think that some rubber dolls can never give you the pleasure that you so eagerly crave for, then you are in for a surprise.

Sex dolls from the store may be artificially made, but they are, in no way, less than any human partner, whether you go by their looks or their ability to please you till you can practically take no more.

CUSTOM Silicone and TPE Sex Dolls!

Sexy Real Sex Dolls offers both male and female sex dolls in a variety of options to satisfy clients from all over the world. Not only does the store offer sex dolls of both genders, they also have the options to choose sex dolls in different heights, breast, waist and hip size, skin, eye, nipple, and hair color, vagina style, and a lot more so that you can have the perfect partner that you have always dreamt of by your side.

Create Your Custom Sex Doll

This aside, customers also get the benefit of customizing their dolls any way they want to so that they can have a sex doll that is perfect in every way – height, shape, size, color, features, and more, ensuring unchartered pleasure sessions, as and when they want.

To make things easier and more convenient for the customers, the store also has a good collection of sex doll heads with different types of wigs to suit your preference. For those who love to have a threesome or foursome with their sex dolls and partners, the store offers a good collection of sexy clothing, sex toys, stamina boosters, etc. so that you never fall short while having fun.

In short, the store tries to create an all-around awesome sex experience for their patrons, whether that be with sex dolls or without.

Realistic TPE and Silicone Sex Dolls at Sexy Real Sex Dolls

Each and every doll is available at the store is solely meant to offer unlimited pleasure to the users and that is the very reason why the manufacturers go the extra mile to ensure that the dolls look and feel exactly like real men and women. Not only are these dolls manufactured with utmost care, but an emphasis is also laid on the fact that they may never give a feeling of being inanimate or lifeless which could be a sheer turn-off for many men and women.

As such, all sex dolls have smooth real-like skin texture and come in a color or shade of your choice.  You can choose A LOT of different options from their store. 

Also, these sex dolls are provided with a very flexible skeletal system that ensures that you can place or use them in any position you would like to, leaving your imagination to be the only limit that is set.

To make things more interesting and real, the store also provides smart dolls that come with a sound and heat system that works on the HIT technology. This means that your sexbot will gradually gain body temperature as you continue with your fantasies and fetishes so as to create a perfectly natural feeling. You can also customize the sound responses that your sex bot generate so that it can turn you on with even more with activity.

TPE vs Silicone Sex Doll – What to Choose?

The sex dolls from Sexy Real Sex Dolls are either made of TPE or Silicone and you can decide which you would want to buy. Obviously, this will depend on your preferences or limitations, but if you have no issue with any of the two materials that they sex dolls are made of, you can easily go with any one of the two to have a great experience.

153cm (5ft) Fairy Sex Doll with Huge Tits and Sexy Ass

153cm (5ft) Fairy Sex Doll with Huge Tit and Sexy Ass

Both TPE and silicone sex dolls are highly durable, given the level of improvements that have been achieved over the years. That being said, TPE dolls come at a much lower cost than silicone dolls, thus making them a great choice for those who are planning to try out dolls for the first time or do not want to spend a lot. Moreover, repairing a TPE sex doll will be much easier than repairing a silicone sex doll.

However, this doesn’t make silicone dolls offered by the store a less favorite option. Silicone dolls are not only known for their excellent durability and realism, but also for better hygiene, not to mention the fact that heat and sound systems are only installed on silicone dolls as the material can withstand heat for quite a long time.

How to Order at Silicone Sex Doll Online

Ordering at Sexy Real Sex Dolls is quite easy. You can surf the collection of dolls available on the store and choose any of them according to your liking. Or you may opt to get a customized sex doll with features to suit your likings. You can then proceed to pay for your sex doll and complete the transaction using Visa, Paypal, Mastercard, Bitcoin, American Express, JCB, Discover. All transactions made via at this online store are totally safeguarded with the use of SSL encryption and Shopify Secured. So, you never have to worry about your money. What makes the store a great option for purchasing sex dolls is the fact that they offer free shipping in the entire US, Europe, and various other countries across the world.

In short, if you do want to buy a sex doll for yourself, Sexy Real Sex Dolls is DEFINITELY store to turn to. They have earned a good reputation over the years and offer a vast number of options to choose from and even the facility to customize according to one’s preferences, ensuring that you have the best experience while buying your new sex partner. So, stop hesitating and order one for yourself or your partner.
[Please note: if you want a sex doll that isn’t quite as. . .epic. . .as those found at Sexy Real Sex Dolls be sure to check out OUR online store –]

Sex Doll Videos

Here are some sex doll demonstration videos from Youtube. They show off some of the hottest TPE and Silicone sex dolls currently available from places like King Mansion, WM Dolls and VIP Erotica. They show the size, the texture and just how amazing these sex doll are.

These sex doll videos really capture the recent revolution in sex toy materials and are a must watch before purchasing one of these amazing luxury sex toys. You can find many of these toys on our pages - King Mansion & WM Dolls, LiFrano, OvDoll.

When you see these sex doll videos, you'll see why we are calling this are true sex doll and sex revolution. New technologies in plastics and polymers have let these sex doll makers do some truly amazing thing.

WM Dolls 140 CM Sex Doll

Pert breasts, an amazingly cute face and a killer body make this sex doll memorable. You can really get an idea of what this top sex doll is all about in this video from WM Doll. You can check this 140 cm sex doll at Amazon here: 140 CM Sex Doll at Amazon. It runs about $1000 and is definitely worth checking out.

WMDolls 100 CM Sex Doll Softness Test

The sex doll in this video is smaller than the one above, but we like the video more. It's basically a small sex doll jiggling her breast back and forth. It's VERY sexy and is a great testament to the quality of high end TPE sex dolls. You can find this sex doll at Amazon clicking here: 100 CM Luxury Sex Doll. We can't recommend checking out this TPE doll. It was our introduction into the world of these amazing sex toys and is a great compact doll.

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