Marie | Full Size, Exotic, 4′ 9″ Silicone Sex Doll

Marie | Full Size, Exotic, 4′ 9″ Silicone Sex Doll

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Marie | Full Size, Exotic, 4′ 9″ Silicone Sex Doll
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140 CM  / 4' 7" Silicone Sex Doll | Oral/Anal/Vaginal, Best Real Dolls - Best Silicone Sex Dolls and TPE Sex Dolls
Manufacturer: Azisen
Recommended Retail: $1,598.21
Read Reviews (Amzn): 140 CM / 4' 7" Silicone Sex Doll | Oral/Anal/Vaginal

The skin has pure natural lustre and smooth feelings by touch. Her pretty face is sculptured by an experienced sculptor. These dolls will leave you with an experience you never have had before. The body joints are made of artificial multiplex metal by latest professional technology to ensure the limbs can be free to extend to create all sorts of poses.

This beautiful TPE silicone sex doll could be from any remote corner of the world. Her tawny complexion and glossy ringlets give her an international flavor and welcoming, warm glow.

She has the large, upright breasts of a fit woman in her 20s, a tight belly and beautiful hips. She's perfect for someone looking for a young spicy sexual experience.

At 140 cm tall, or 4' 7", she the size a very short woman. All her features an anatomically correct and the mold for her face has been hand carved by a professional artist. And it shows. As you can see in her photos, her face looks amazing - something we love about this next-generation of silicone sex dolls.

She has three holes you can thrust into - her mouth, her anus and her vagina. All are textured and feel amazing. You can also thrust between her breasts, use her feet or any number of other body parts to get yourself off. The only limit is your imagination.

She has a full metal skeleton and the joints are made of multiplex so you can adjust her to any position and she will stay there. This is an amazing feature and allows for a very great degree of play options.

When done using her, be sure to clean her regularly with a light soap or mild shampoo and then dry her with a towel. Do not use a hair dryer. Dressing her up is a great way to live out different fantasies, but will also help keep her clean.

She's a great doll and if you like the body type, size and face, might be a good choice. She looks amazing and feels lifelike. While expensive for a normal sex toy, she is well priced for a high-end TPE luxury sex doll.

Our only personal caveat when ordering a sex doll like this is to be sure and USE WATER BASED LUBE! Silicone lubes can damage sex toys and if you're paying a lot for your sex dolls, you don't want them to start tearing away or deteriorating. Other than that small warning. . .have fun!!!

More Information: 140 CM / 4' 7" Silicone Sex Doll | Oral/Anal/Vaginal

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