Three Amazing, Low Priced Sex Doll Alternatives

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Three Amazing, Low Priced Sex Doll Alternatives

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Three Amazing, Low Priced Sex Doll Alternatives
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Luxury Sex Dolls are expensive . . . VERY expensive. . . to that end, we offer up these three AMAZING alternative to high price sex dolls.

These masturbators will get you off in equally amazing ways, but at a fraction of the price. They are also easier to hide and move around than a full size sex doll.


1. SexFlesh Realistic Life Size Sex Doll

At over $500, this is the Rolls Royce of realistic sex dolls. It’s very large, weighs 25 pounds, and can take a pounding. It’s one of the largest realistic sex dolls that SexFlesh makes. It’s a full 33 inches from her head to the end of her feet!

It’s made of a cutting edge poly foam then covered in their patented, very lifelike TPR Skin. This let’s SexFlesh make the doll large, while still keeping it light.

Look at the pictures and you see that the lips are open a bit with a hole you can penetrate. The throat area is ribbed for extra stimulation. Life like hair and 2 warming rods to bring her up to temperature are just two of the little details that make this one of the best male sex toys around.

She includes a vibrating bullet with 6 speeds – AWESOME!- and a U shaped inner tunnel make it easier to clean than other realistic sex dolls. Sexflesh Realistic Life Size Love Doll

SexFlesh Realistic Life Size Sex Doll Gallery
SexFlesh Realistic Life Size Sex Doll Features
  • 32 inches in length
  • 20 inches in width
  • 7.25 inches in height
  • Material: TPR, foam fill
  • Requires (3) AAA batteries, not included

Includes: (1) real sex doll, (2) warming wands, (1) vibrating bullet, (1) 1.2 oz. Renew powder Sexflesh Realistic Life Size Love Doll


2. High End Cyberskin Realistic, Life-Size Sex Doll

Amazon: TLC cyberskin Virtual Sex Ultra Life Size Sex Doll, Light, 30 Pound

Expensive, but worth it. These Cyberskin real sex dolls are some of the most impressive we’ve seen. At more than $500 they should be. But if you think about it, that’s about what you would pay for two nights in Vegas, and these hot dolls don’t complain and can be used again and again and again and again.

Cyberskin stands for the soft skin-like material of the doll – just like you can find SexFlesh dolls as well, and Pipedream has it’s own custom skin as well.

This one has a 25 pound core with 5 pounds of cyberskin. The doll comes with a warming wand – which is pretty standard for high end realistic sex dolls these days. It also has a vibrating bullet, which we are also big fans off. Having a vibrating toy definitely ads a a new level to using it.

It’s splashproof, and Phthalate free – which is also standard these days.

The vagina and anal opening are U-shaped which makes for easy cleaning. It takes 3-AAA batteries which are not included. We recommend stocking up on a HUGE pack of batteries when purchasing any sex toy – whether for men or women. Nothing is worse than using your brand new toy and running out of juice in the middle of your session.

This is a great toy. It almost seems to move with you.

Check it out on TLC cyberskin Virtual Sex Ultra Life Size Sex Doll, Light, 30 Pound

High End Cyberskin Realistic, Life-Size Sex Doll Gallery

Amazon: TLC cyberskin Virtual Sex Ultra Life Size Sex Doll, Light, 30 Pound


3. Fuck Me Silly Dude Mega Masturbator

The best high end male sex doll and best gay male sex doll on the market, the PDX Fuc$ Me Silly Buddy from Pipdedream Products is AWESOME. Ripped stomach, hard cock, tight little balls and nipples – this is a great sex doll for both men and women.

We are fans.

Pipedream makes a lot of different sex toys, and this realistic male doll is their top of the line offering. It’s over 2 foot long – 27 inches total and 19 inches wide at it’s make.

The erect dildo has a 7 inch insertable lenth and is 1.95 inches wide. Alas, it only comes in one color, but the FantaFlesh it’s made out of does feel realistic.

This is a great toy for women, gay men, straight men that want to entertain same sex fantasies or couples looking to spice up their sex life or see what it would be like to have a threesome with out and strings attached.

Here’s a a quote from Pipedream Product’s description of this great toy, “You’ve always dreamt of riding a big hard cock, so what are you waiting for? Lay this super stud on his back, grab the lube, and Fuck Him Silly! From his sexy washboard abs, to his ripped waistline, pumped-up pecks and huge 8″ cock, this macho man is ready to ride. He’s your personal boy toy to do as you please–let him fulfill all of your male fuck fantasies!”

Enjoy this realistic male sex doll.

From Fuck Me Silly Gay Men’s Sex Doll

Pipedream Products PDX Fuck Me Silly Buddy Features
  • 27 inches long and 19 inches max width
  • Dildo has 8 inch insertable length
  • 1.95 inch max width
  • Material: FantaFlesh (TPR), Color: Natural

From Fuck Me Silly Gay Men’s Sex Doll

Sex Doll Videos

Here are some sex doll demonstration videos from Youtube. They show off some of the hottest TPE and Silicone sex dolls currently available from places like King Mansion, WM Dolls and VIP Erotica. They show the size, the texture and just how amazing these sex doll are.

These sex doll videos really capture the recent revolution in sex toy materials and are a must watch before purchasing one of these amazing luxury sex toys. You can find many of these toys on our pages - King Mansion & WM Dolls, LiFrano, OvDoll.

When you see these sex doll videos, you'll see why we are calling this are true sex doll and sex revolution. New technologies in plastics and polymers have let these sex doll makers do some truly amazing thing.

WM Dolls 140 CM Sex Doll

Pert breasts, an amazingly cute face and a killer body make this sex doll memorable. You can really get an idea of what this top sex doll is all about in this video from WM Doll. You can check this 140 cm sex doll at Amazon here: 140 CM Sex Doll at Amazon. It runs about $1000 and is definitely worth checking out.

WMDolls 100 CM Sex Doll Softness Test

The sex doll in this video is smaller than the one above, but we like the video more. It's basically a small sex doll jiggling her breast back and forth. It's VERY sexy and is a great testament to the quality of high end TPE sex dolls. You can find this sex doll at Amazon clicking here: 100 CM Luxury Sex Doll. We can't recommend checking out this TPE doll. It was our introduction into the world of these amazing sex toys and is a great compact doll.

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