5 Realistic Blow Up Sex Dolls You Will LOVE

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5 Realistic Blow Up Sex Dolls You Will LOVE

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5 Realistic Blow Up Sex Dolls You Will LOVE
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Blow Up Sex DollBlow up sex dolls have come a long way since the ones I saw as a kid floating through the air in my favorite raunchy frat movies.

We’ve seen them evolve into higher end luxury sex toys with playful parts that will pleasure you in ways past generations of sex dolls simply couldn’t do. This latest iteration of the blow up sex dolls are very pretty and feel amazing when you use them.

You’ll find both male and female luxury blow up sex dolls, and different manufacturers have different looks and feels, as well as different ways of designing them. We like the SexFlesh blowup dolls the best but we think Pipedream Products were the first to really popularlize this concept with a line of diffent types of luxury blow up sex dolls.

Regardless, it was just in the past couple years that this type of blow up sex doll has really started to take off.

5 Lovely Luxury Realistic Blow Up Sex Dolls

Here’s our picks for the top 5 Realistic Blow Up Sex Dolls You Will Love. They are in no particular order, but we like Miko for sure.

Sexflesh Miko Blow Up Love Doll

SexFlesh is an AWESOME sex toy material and feels just like the real think.   This is a very high rated and well love blow up sex doll.  Her breasts are in a seperate section so you can control how big they get.  SexFlesh vagina, anus and mouth.  Three holes to thrust into but the mouth is a little small.

Miko’s SexFlesh hands and feet are heavier so you can pose her easy.

  • Life sized
  • Comes with a pump
  • Textured for a realistic experience
  • You control how soft or firm her breasts are

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Back to 20s Blow Up Doll

Backto20s is a weird name for a sex doll importer, but the dolls they bring in are definately NOT weird. Silicone / TPE fuckable parts grace a life-size blow up body. Her face is as beautiful as you see on higher end sex dolls.

  • Genuine BackTo20s blow up sex doll with a certificate or packing slip provided by Backto20s®
  • Realistic Anal and Vaginal Holes for Thrusting
  • Made of medical grade soft silicone and non-toxic PVC
  • Size: 5′ 5″ (Inflated). It can take up to 300 lbs. weight
  • Blow Up Sex Doll Accessories –  1: moaning(female voice) and vibrating egg device,2: air pump, 3: USB vagina heating stick, 4: lubricant

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Pipedream Extreme Dollz Big Beautiful Becky

This is one of our favorite sex dolls of all time. We love that you can get a BBW sex doll from high-end sex toy manufacturer Pipedream Products for the low price of $75.00. Her body is obviously larger than similar sex dolls, and her facial expression is priceless. She has realistic eyelashes. Her arms swivel and her vagina and anal tunnels are wondefully realistic FantaFlesh. There is A LOT to love about this blow up sex doll.

  • Lifelike features
  • Fanta flesh pussy and ass
  • Moveable arms
  • Easy to clean
  • Inflation Pump and Repair Kit Included

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Deep Throat Sexy Girl Inflatable Semi-solid Silicone Love/sex Doll

This is a another great sex doll for under $100. As the name implies, the best thing about her is the mouth which delivers a killer oral sex experience. She also have Vaginal and Anal holes which are great to thrust into. Her body is made of PVC. Her head, hands and feet are made of Silicone. Like the Pipedream Extremez doll above, this blow up sex doll also have realistic lashes.

  • Three Tunnels For Thrusting: Oral Sex, Vaginal, Anal
  •  Non-toxic, safe body material -no odor.
  • Black Hair; Skin Color; Big Bust ; Rotating Arms; Soft Detailed Feet and Toes.
  • Blow Up Sex Doll Height: 62.99
  • BWH: 34.64″*29.92″*35.03″
  • Can take up to 300 pound force – bearing capacity

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Pipedream Extreme Dollz Tyler Rocks

Our pick for the male blow up sex doll on the list is Pipedream Extreme Dollz’ Tyler Rocks blow up sex doll. There are a few male blow up dolls out there, but Tyler is the best looking – in our eyes, and shares many of the same features as the BBW Blow Up sex doll above. He has brunette hair, a classic white male body, and a large seven inch cock that is a blast to play with. He looks a bit like he was modeled after Ashton Cutcher. He’s of that type. Real hair and perky nipples complete the look.

All in all, a great blow up sex doll, and a great male sex doll.

  • THE STUFF DREAM ARE MADE OF: chiseled chest – washboard abs – huge cock
  • SEXY AND SOPHISTICATED: rough and rugged in the sack – always in the mood
  • REALISTIC FEATURES: – super-tight ass – perky nipples – 7 inch cock
  • LIFELIKE EXPERIENCE: sexy 3-D formed head features luxurious bed of real hair
  • INCLUDED: inflation pump, vinyl repair kit and instructions

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Conclusion for Blow Up Sex Dolls

As we mentioned above, we love these blow up dolls. They are less expensive than ALL the silicone and TPE dolls on our site, but still provide a realistic experience. They don’t have the weird faces and body of cheaper blow up dolls and are a lot of fun to play with. To top it off, the anal and vaginal tunnels, as well as Tylers great cock, are really fun to play with and feels realistic when you get them lube up.

Read the reviews on Amazon, but we are fans of all of these sex dolls.

Sex Doll Videos

Here are some sex doll demonstration videos from Youtube. They show off some of the hottest TPE and Silicone sex dolls currently available from places like King Mansion, WM Dolls and VIP Erotica. They show the size, the texture and just how amazing these sex doll are.

These sex doll videos really capture the recent revolution in sex toy materials and are a must watch before purchasing one of these amazing luxury sex toys. You can find many of these toys on our pages - King Mansion & WM Dolls, LiFrano, OvDoll.

When you see these sex doll videos, you'll see why we are calling this are true sex doll and sex revolution. New technologies in plastics and polymers have let these sex doll makers do some truly amazing thing.

WM Dolls 140 CM Sex Doll

Pert breasts, an amazingly cute face and a killer body make this sex doll memorable. You can really get an idea of what this top sex doll is all about in this video from WM Doll. You can check this 140 cm sex doll at Amazon here: 140 CM Sex Doll at Amazon. It runs about $1000 and is definitely worth checking out.

WMDolls 100 CM Sex Doll Softness Test

The sex doll in this video is smaller than the one above, but we like the video more. It's basically a small sex doll jiggling her breast back and forth. It's VERY sexy and is a great testament to the quality of high end TPE sex dolls. You can find this sex doll at Amazon clicking here: 100 CM Luxury Sex Doll. We can't recommend checking out this TPE doll. It was our introduction into the world of these amazing sex toys and is a great compact doll.

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