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KingMansion Lifelike, Pert & Tan TPE Doll

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KingMansion Lifelike, Pert & Tan TPE Doll
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KingMansion 55 Inch 140cm Full size Lifelike Solid Sex Doll - Tan, Best Real Dolls - Best Silicone Sex Dolls and TPE Sex Dolls
Manufacturer: KingMansion
Recommended Retail: $1,009.99
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We love this cute doll. Tight, ever so slightly pouting lips, come hither eyes, a small button nose (all sculpted by a professional artist!) - are just some of the features that make this full-size sex doll from KingMansion so amazing.

She is made out of high quality silicone and boasts a figure that is as amazing as her face. If you can picture the perfectly built, all-American beach volleyball bunny, then you have the basic look and feel of this sex doll. She's as down home cute as she is smokin' hot!

We love her pert breasts. Full - an F-cup!- but not as massive as some of the boob-lover dolls we see (which are great for the right person!), and especially her hyper realistic nipples - not big, but very life-like.

Her skin is a TPE / Silicone blend that looks real and feels natural, soft and smooth to the touch. Her many articulated joints are made of the latest professional technology which lets you bend and adjust them in almost any pose you can imagine.

Maintenance and Cleanness:
Your doll should be cleaned every 30 days with mild shower foam. The head can be taken off and cleaned separately - which, we must admit, can also lend itself to some pretty kinky fantasies. We don't judge!!!

That said, keep the head away from water. It is NOT waterproof. To clean it use water, but sparingly. For the hair, use a mild shampoo with water. You can use baby powder to make her smooth and when you're done cleaning, be sure to dry her off with a towel.

High-Quality Sex Doll Video

Here's a fun video of a Silicone/TPE sex doll VERY similar to this one. It really shows what the sex doll is like, how the skin feels and more. It's a great video to check out before purchasing a doll like this.

High-Quality Sex Doll,s Specifications

Material: TPE
Skin Color:Brownish - Tan

Upper Bust:28.74in(73CM)
Lower Bust:20.47in(52CM)
Bra Size:E Cup
Arm Length:13.77in(35cm)
Palm Length:6.69in(17cm)
Leg Length:26.77in(68cm)
Foot Length:8.27in(21cm)

3 Entries Of Penetration: Oral, Anal, Vaginal
Oral Depth:5.12in(13cm)
Vaginal Depth:7.87in(20cm)
Anal Depth:7.09in(18cm)

Weight: 57.32lbs(26 KG)
Packing SIze:(51.97in*15.75in*10.63in) (132cm*40cm*27cm)

Package include:
1* LOVE Doll
1* Wig
1* Clothes (Sexy Lingerie,Sent at random)
1* Cleaning Pot

More Information: KingMansion 55 Inch 140cm Full size Lifelike Solid Sex Doll - Tan

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These sex doll videos really capture the recent revolution in sex toy materials and are a must watch before purchasing one of these amazing luxury sex toys. You can find many of these toys on our pages - King Mansion & WM Dolls, LiFrano, OvDoll.

When you see these sex doll videos, you'll see why we are calling this are true sex doll and sex revolution. New technologies in plastics and polymers have let these sex doll makers do some truly amazing thing.

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