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We like real sex doll asses for many reasons, but of the best – besides the fact that they look enticing and feel awesome, is that they are smaller and easier to hide, or pack, than normal sex dolls and they make a great toy for night away.

Sex Doll Asses come in all shapes and sizes. Most of them have vaginas and anal openings. Some of the vaginal openings are ribbed, some are not. Any high end toy like this is going to feel awesome. And they do. Sex doll asses are some of the best-selling luxury sex toys across any of our sex toy blogs. People love these toys.

Some of the sex doll asses have u-turn connections between the anal and vaginal openings which will make it easier to clean. This is definitely something to look for. Others have tubes with holes at both ends so you can run water straight through them. A general rule of thumb is the more expensive the sex doll ass, the easier it is to clean.

You can also get sex doll asses that come with vibrating bullets that you insert for a little movement. You just drop the vibrating bullet into the anal or vaginal cavity and it adds a huge thrill to the experience of thrusting into it.

Pipedream Product Mega Masturbators

Best Sex Doll Asses - Booty Sex Toys - Butt Sex DollsWe prefer the type of real sex doll ass that Pipedream makes as a rule. We love all Pipedream sex toys. They feel great and they look like real asses.

Pipedream Products has gained quite reputation as a maker of amazing, high end men’s sex toys and these are a great example of why. We’ve highlighted a few Pipedream models below.

We’ve also picked out some SexFlesh models, which are very good as well. SexFlesh asses are similar to Pipedream. We recommend trying both and seeing which you like best. You can see SexFlesh sex doll asses below the Pipedream. Enjoy!

Enjoy our selections and be sure to check back as we’re always updating them. If you find any broken linkes. . . alas, it happens. . . just let us know. Thanks!

Featured Realistic Sex Doll Asses and Booty Sex Dolls

We’ve curated this collection of men’s sex toy asses and booty sex dolls from Amazon is a great place to buy sex toys. They are a source that can be trusted. They are safe to order from. They ship in plain brown boxes that don’t arouse suspicion from the neighbors – no one thinks twice if they see and Amazon box on your front porch!

The only problem is that sex toys are hard to find at Amazon. Especially the best ones. Hence this collection.

These sex doll asses from Amazon are some fun toys. There something for every ass, butt and booty man or woman out there. We did not discriminate between male and female sex dolls – we love all kinds of asses! You’ll find both straight and gay sex toys. Enjoy them all.

We hope you love these great sex toys. Below you’ll find a collection sex doll asses that we have looked at on our site. These are all sex toys we’ve taken a closer look at. Just click on the image or the title to learn more about these amazing sex doll asses.

Best Sex Doll Ass Sex Toys

Here’s our picks for the best four ass sex toys. We tried to pick a variety of toys and make a nice solid collection that represented the niche of ass sex toys well. We hope you enjoy these picks!

CyberSkin Vibrating Perfect Butt

Do-me David Masturbator

Fuck My Big Ass

Pipedream Products Topco XR Brands Pipedream Products
FantaFlesh Cyberskin SexFlesh FantaFlesh
23 lbs. 20 lbs. 6.6 lbs. 25 lbs.
$190 $135 $85 $230
Rating : 4 out of 5 Rating : 4 out of 5 Rating : 3.8 out of 5 Rating : 4 out of 5
View at Amazon View at Amazon View at Amazon View at Amazon

Pipedream Products Sex Doll Ass Demonstration Video

This video is a GREAT demonstration of a sex doll ass from Pipedream Products. This is one of our website visitor’s favorites – the Pdx F*ck Me Silly Mastubator. It’s an amazing men’s sex toy as you can see in the demonstration video below0 straight from the manufacturer.

Enjoy this fun video, and if you’re looking for top of the line sex toy, check out this gem of a sex doll ass from Pipedream Products. The video is a great demonstration using a 10 inch dong to show how the toy works You won’t be disappointed. It’s an amazing sex doll.


Sex Doll Asses and Booty Sex Dolls - Please Note

When you purchase a sex doll ass - or any deluxe sex toy or sex doll - be sure to read the instructions carefully. All of them are different. For example, most of them can get wet, but not of all them can be fully submerged. Also - some of them come with vibrating eggs or warming rods. Some take batteries, while others don't. The only way to really learn is read lots about them.

Finally, we always recommend using a water base lubricant with these sex dolls. You often need a bit more, but it won't corrode the sex doll and they are generally safe for most people to use.

Ass Sex Dolls from Our Site

Ass Sex Dolls and Booty Sex Toys Make Great Christmas Gifts!
It's never too late to get your man. . .or yourself. . .the best gift EVER. It really is. . .really.
TLC CyberSkin Big Booty Bang Sex Toy
Big, black and bumpin' - this is one of the best ass sex toys on the market.
Carmen Luvana's CyberSkin Missionary Style Vibrating Sex Toy
Fun new missionary style luxury sex toy molded after latina porn sensation - Carmen Luvana. Hyper-realistic and hand painted - Cyberskin at its best!
Adam & Eve Bad Seed Roxy Reynolds CyberSkin Vagina and Anus with FREE DVD!
This is a super hot ebony sex doll ass and pussy modeled after porn star Roxy Reynolds. We love EVERYTHING about this sex toy.
Realistic Silicone Sex Doll Ass and Vagina
Hot realistic ass sex toy that let's you grab on and thrust away anytime you want. Made of high grade silicone.
Mangasm Life-Sized Jessica Sanders Realistic Vagina
Simple, to the point, big. This is a fun booty sex toy with a great vagina and awesome labia.
Backside White Double-entry Realistic Life-Like Torso Love Doll Masturbator
Face down, ass up and poised to play. This is another fun ass sex toy.
Sexflesh Amazing Anus
This is a simple, but entirely functional, ass sex toy for those that like to thrust downward. SexFlesh!!!!
Pipedream Extreme Fuck Me Silly FantaFlesh Mega Masturbator for Men
Big and beautiful booty sex doll - many say this is the best booty sex toy available.
Pipedream Extreme Toyz Flip & Fuck Me Sex Doll
This sex doll from Pipedreams has A LOT going for it - feet, booty, anus - everything you could want!
TLC CyberSkin Vibrating Perfect Butt, Natural
This body part sex toy is one of the best sellers on our site and a great realistic sex toy. Must be. . .felt. . .to be believed.
Pdx F*ck My Tight Ass
We love gay sex dolls and sex dolls for women because there really aren't that many of them, so when we find a good one, we like to share it.
Fuck Me Silly Petite Ebony Men's Sex Toy
Not everyone like's a huge black booty. Some people like a more petite ebony ass. This is the sex toy for those people.
Pdx F*ck Me Silly Mastubator
The Pdx F*ck Me Silly Mastubator is a great real sex doll ass. High-quality, good construction, a realistic look and feel – all these elements add up to a […]
CyberSkin Virtual Sex Ultra Big Ass Bang Doggy Style Pussy and Ass
These real sex doll asses are all the rage these days. We monitor sex toy markets for this and a couple other websites we have and these body part […]
Fuck My Big Black Ass II
Bigger, badder and blacker than the original, this is a super hot booty sex toy. LOVE this ebony ass sex toy.
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