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Blow up sex dolls are the basic, classic, inflatable sex dolls that everyone is familiar with. They are the blowup sex dolls you see in movies and frat parties. They're fun, cheap and come in all shapes and sizes - from midget blow up dolls, to blowup sex dolls modeled after animals, to blow up celebrity sex dolls of all shapes and sizes.

At Real Sex Dolls we generally think blowup and inflatable sex dolls have gotten a bad rap. We like blow up dolls for a number reasons.

If you look hard enough you can find a blow up sex doll that matches any fantasy. If you buy the Justin Beiber blow up sex doll, it's not going to look exactly like Justin Beiber, but our imaginations are powerful, and sometimes a simple totem is all it takes to set to off. Especially when other, more realistic sex dolls, can cost thousands of dollars.

So blowup sex dolls give you an easy an safe way to fulfill fantasies that might be impossible to fulfill - in terms of having sex with a celebrity - or illegal to fulfill in terms of having sex with a goat.

They are also more discreet than larger SexFlesh and Cyberskin sex toys.    Because these are blowup sex dolls, they can always be deflated and hidden away in some back closet of drawer. This brings us to another reason to like blow up sex dolls. Most cost between $20 and $30. This makes them significantly less expensive than SexFlesh style sex dolls or Japanese Silicone Love Dolls, but you get what you pay for and while many are good, some are of simply middling quality.

That said, as we mentioned above, blowup sex dolls certainly are a lot of fun and can really spurn your sexual fantasies.

Vivid Entertainment Blow Up Dolls

Sex Doll Planet Sex Doll StoreThe sectio below is a collection of blow up dolls we curated from Amazon. Amazon has A TON of sex dolls on their website, but they are hard to find - hence our bringing them all together. In this collection, there's a little something for everyone. Enjoy this fun selection of great blow up sex dolls. We split them out by brand. You can find many of these dolls - including a full line of Pipedream Product Dollz at our online sex doll store -

Pipedream Extreme Blow Up Dolls - Dollz

Pipedream Products is one of the biggest sex toy and sex doll makers in the world. They have a number of different lines of sex dolls. You can find many on this website. In addition to their high end Fantaflesh style luxury sex dolls, they make a line of less expensive - but just as fun - blow up and inflatable sex dolls they call Dollz. These are some of the best blow up sex dolls made.

Pipedream Products Dollz line of blow up sex dolls are made of vinyl but have FantaFlesh parts so they feel much better than traditional inflatable sex dolls. There is a huge variety - males, females, tran, white ebony - there's A LOT of different kinds. They also come with repair kits unless you have a little too much fun with them.


Blow Up Dolls, Blow Up Sex Dolls from Amazon

Blow-up, inflatable sex dolls come in many shapes and sizes - from animals to celebrities - you can find something to satisfy every fantasy. They also make perfect stag party presents. 🙂

Some of the better, higher-quality blow up sex dolls come with more luxurious holes - some made of Sex Flesh, and often have better looking faces. A lot of the dolls below are shown in their boxes. We recommend VERY MUCH that you check out the dolls online as some can be a little scary and might be a turn off to some people.

We've curated the following from Amazon as they are hard to find on the site when you search. We hope you enjoy this amazing collection of fun sex toys from the largest sex toy seller on the internet. This is a great selection of blow up dolls and highlights some of the more. . .er, obvious. . .blow up dolls available right now - like the J. Beiber doll or the goat doll.

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