5.4ft Silicone Life Size Love Doll

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5.4ft Silicone Life Size Love Doll

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5.4ft Silicone Life Size Love Doll
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5.4ft Silicone TPE Eyes Closed Sex Doll with Muscles 166CM Real Full Body with Metal Skeleton Life Size Love Doll Realistic Big Breasts Sex Toys for Men (166CM / 5.4ft), Best Real Dolls
Manufacturer: FOUR.S
Recommended Retail: $1,550.00
Read Reviews (Amzn): 5.4ft Silicone TPE Eyes Closed Sex Doll with Muscles 166CM Real Full Body with Metal Skeleton Life Size Love Doll Realistic Big Breasts Sex Toys for Men (166CM / 5.4ft)

The love doII industry has hit the world like a wave. This current booming sector has been on the rise recent years as manufacturers strive to come up with new faces, references, brands and models all in the name of making them more realistic.

These sex dolls meant to give maximum pleasure as they are built to completely replicate a woman's body. This is the first wave of truly synthetic humans.

There's a number of companies making them and different size available. They include the 6YE sex doll, WM doII, Z-onedoII sex doll, CosdoII sex doll, JY dolls, YourdoII and the Silicon TPE sex dolls just to mention but a few.

It is therefore prudent to have information on each one of them in order for you to know which one suits your needs best. In this article i will be talking about one of the most common of them all, the Silicon TPE eyes closed sex dolls with muscles.. What is it? These are hand-made dolls that are molded in high quality medical grade silicone TPE.

They come in various shapes, sizes as well as features that include being an ultra-realistic replica of the female body, having a soft and extremely life-like skin that almost feels human. These dolls also posses a movable body with attached joints that can be positioned to enhance a perfect positioning of every posture.

The high quality TPE skin allows for flexibility. In addition to that, the silicon sex dolls have a flexible articulated metal skeleton that enhances its strength.

The good thing about the silicone TPE sex dolls is that they can be adjusted to suit ones tastes and preferences - for instance, you can choose a more slender or bigger body, or wget an insert-able or fixed vagina.

Why buy sex dolls?

Sex dolls are convenient and available any time you need them. Moreover, they come in different shapes, sizes and features hence one can go for one that suits his exact needs. Sex dolls are flexible and represent a true replication of the female body with sensations.

The silicon TPE sex dolls are easy to maintain, clean and handle and once bought, very little or minimal expenses are spent on them.

Conclusion. All in all, it is evident that the world is fast changing and so is technology.

The invention and modification of sex dolls has brought about an added advantage to one of the most common human need, Sex! Purchasing a sex do" can increase extra pleasure at home especially when chosen wisely and are far much of an asset to the users and the silicon TPE one is just the one to go for.

Product specifications: ( Because of different measurement methods, please allow small differences in size. )
Height: 166cm / 5.5ft
Material: TPE
Weight:32kg/70.55 lb
Up Bust: 92cm/36.2 inch
Under Bust: 66cm/26 inch
Waist: 59cm/ 23.2 inch
Hip: 85cm/ 33.5inch
Leg: 85cm/33.5 inch
Shoulder width: 35cm/13.8 inch
Feet Length: 22cm/ 8.66 inch
Package size: 150*45*30cm

More Information: 5.4ft Silicone TPE Eyes Closed Sex Doll with Muscles 166CM Real Full Body with Metal Skeleton Life Size Love Doll Realistic Big Breasts Sex Toys for Men (166CM / 5.4ft)

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