New YouTube Video – Sex Doll Planet Trailer

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New YouTube Video – Sex Doll Planet Trailer

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New YouTube Video – Sex Doll Planet Trailer
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We just posted a new video at a new Youtube page for our online sex toy store – You can see it below. We’re just starting to get our videos rolling again after a long hiatus. We were racking up tens of thousands of views on our last channel when Youtube cut it. Alas.

All the videos we post right now are going to be age restricted in order to try and prevent that from happening again, so you’ll have to login to watch it. If you’re not logged in you will just see a blank screen below. .

We might do some cleaner, fun video in the future for the masses. This is just a little slideshow we put together. It comes in at just over 2 minutes.

Be sure to subscribe to our channel. We’re just ramping up!

– Sex Doll Planet and Kru

Okay. . .so while we were working on uploading our Sex Doll Planet sex toy store video to the internet, we came across another video called Sex Doll Planet. We had to watch.

It turned out to be the most insane – weird, crazy, disturbing – sex toy video we’ve seen. We love it!

It’s some kind of Asian art project for pervs? We don’t even know. We do however, recommend that everyone check it out. It’s great that people are so out there in 2018 and beyond. He’s to the guy that made and shot this video. May you sex doll fantasies play out forever!!!

Here’s the video!

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