Harley Quinn Sex Doll – Life-size, AMAZING

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Harley Quinn Sex Doll – Life-size, AMAZING

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Harley Quinn Sex Doll – Life-size, AMAZING
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Lifelike Harley Quinn Sex l love doll with metal skeleton - Harley (170cm (5.57 feet), Best Real Dolls
Manufacturer: Qita
Recommended Retail: $1,000.99
Read Reviews (Amzn): Lifelike Harley Quinn Sex l love doll with metal skeleton - Harley (170cm (5.57 feet)

This is the Harley Quinn silicone sex doll. It's high end, luxurious, incredibly life-like and is decked out exactly like the sexiest super-villian to hit the silver screen. We are in love with this doll.

If you are looking to buy platinum silicone sex doll, you have many options but it can be hard to find which one suits you the most. Were seeing more and more of these fantasy, cosplay style come out, and people couldn't be happier.

The industry is introducing new versions of these dolls with unbelievable features as their research keeps on going. This dolls, and high end sex doll like her, are the future.

She is life-size at a whopping 170cm or 5.57 feet tall. She only has two holes - no oral tunnel, but she does have vaginal and anal. Her full-size body is made of TPE medical silicone - the best sex toy and sex doll material currently available. It feels AMAZING - almost as real as the real thing. She has a durable metal skeleton and flexible joints that allow you pose her in almost any sexual position. Because the silicone is so flexible, when you bend her back, the skin just reforms to the new shape.

Harley Quinn Sex Doll Features

height: 170cm (5.57 feet)
• Weight: 40kg (88 pound) • Upper body length: 60cm (23.6 inch)
•Waist: 54cm (21.25 inch)
Hip diameter: 90cm (35.4 inch)
• Shoulders: 38cm (14.9 inch)
• Arm length: 45cm (17.7 inch)
• Palm length: 16cm (6.3 inch)
• Leg length: 82cm (32.28 inch)
• Foot:: 36 size
• bust: 82cm (32.28 inch)

More Information: Lifelike Harley Quinn Sex l love doll with metal skeleton - Harley (170cm (5.57 feet)

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You can purchase this luxury sex doll from Amazon.com
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Harley Quinn Sex Doll Gallery

HAWT Harley Quinn Video

In case you don’t know who Harley Quinn is, let us educate you. She was originally a Arkham Asylum psychaitrist assigned to treat Batman’s rival – The Joker. She becam fixated on The Joker, eventually falling in love with him. She helped him escape Arkham and know helps him wreak havoc on Gotham City in a desperate attempt to garner his approval.

Here’s a fun video we found searching “sexy Harley Quinn” on Youtube.


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