Malene, Top Quality Silicone Sex Doll

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Malene, Top Quality Silicone Sex Doll
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Malene, Top Quality Full Size Stress Reduction Realistic Girlfriend, Best Real Dolls
Manufacturer: GRLFRNDoll
Recommended Retail: unavailable
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Malene is a classic, and extremely gorgeous, silicone sex doll. She's got a subtle Asian look to her face, fabulous breasts and a trim figure. There's a lot of detail in every aspect of thisluxury sex doll and being made out of medical grade silicone - she's VERY high quality

At 55.1 inches tall, and weighing 50 pounds, she's definatley life-size. She comes in about as tall as a spry college girl or petite woman. She has tan skin and brownish nipples which point prominantly. Her breasts are uplifted and look amazing. Her hips are nicely, slightly round and her stomach is taut and lean.

You can dress her in any number of outfits or lingerie combinations.

Her vagina is truly a work of art. She has both inner and outer labia with a vaginal tunnel that has been molded and textured to provide amazing sensations when you're thrusting in and out. The anal opening is the same - highly textured to feel great.

Her mouth also has an oral opening so you thrust there as well. Finally, the breasts are large enough and well sculpted enough to also provide a nice tunnel for getting off into.

Silicone Sex Doll Details

Top quality, full size doll with huge breasts
3D 100% medical grade solid silicone with reinforced core for durability
Doll length: 55.1", Weight: 50lb
4 Ways to have fun: Vagina, Oral, Anus & Breast
Fast and discrete shipment

The seller promises fast and discreet shipment. She weighs about 50 pounds so it will still probably be a large box when she arrives at your door. With any large silicone sex doll like this, we recommend contacting the seller immediately after making the order to take advantage of any options that come with the doll.

More Information: Malene, Top Quality Full Size Stress Reduction Realistic Girlfriend

This Sex Doll is Currently Available at Amazon

You can purchase this luxury sex doll from
Safe and discreet ordering & browsing | Anonymous, "Brown Bag" shipping.

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