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Large Breasted, Petite Silicone Real Sex Doll, Best Real Dolls Manufacturer: KingMansion
Recommended Retail: $520.00
Read Reviews (Amzn): Large Breasted, Petite Silicone Real Sex Doll

These petite real dolls are becoming all the rage and this amazing silicone doll is an example of why.

It's small. It's meant to be a petite doll and a step up from Pipedream Products advanced masturbators. Specially built pockets make it so she can take a good thrusting. A 100cm tall, she comes in at just over 3 foot. We lay out a full set of measurements below.

She's made of silicone which, if you've read about more of the sex dolls on our site, is the best sex toy material available. Silicone sex dolls warm up easily and maintain body heat which ultimately makes them feel even more realistic. It's also a non-porous material so it's safe and more sanitary than other toys.

She comes with the blonde wig you see here, a small vibrator and some basic lingerie - but buying your own panties and clothes is one of the best parts of owning realistic silicone real dolls.

She also has a metal skeleton, which means you can pose her in any number of positions.

This doll is not cheap, at appx $900 it's quite an investment in a sex toy, but she will give you much, much pleasure. If you've never used a silicone real doll, they are AMAZING, and this is a very nice one - large breasts, tight waist, poseable - all go toward making this a great real doll for someone looking to take their sex play to the next level.

Silicone Sex Doll Measurements

Vaginal Size: 16cm
Mouth Size: 11cm
Height: 100cm
Weight: 12kg
On Bust: 63cm
Under Bust: 40cm
Waist: 38cm
Hips: 60cm
Neck circumference: 21cm
Shoulder: 22cm
Hand length: 43cm
Thigh: 35.5cm
Foreign Minister thigh: 50cm
Foot length: 15.5cm
Carton size: 90 * 40 * 30 cm

Caution: Do not use silicone oils of lubricating fluid, silicone oils lubricating fluid will corrode silicone products. If you need to use a lubricating fluid, use water-soluble.

More Information: Large Breasted, Petite Silicone Real Sex Doll

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