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People often write us asking what the best sex dolls are so we thought we would oblige.

The following is a short list of some of the absolute best sellers and customer favorites in the world of ultra-realistic sex dolls.

These real sex dolls are full size or slightly smaller and all but one features a fully TPE internal metal skeleton. They are all very high quality sex toys. The best sex toys currently on the market. If you’re ready to move beyond the world of dildos and Fleshlights and into something a little more. . .awesome, then you’ll LOVE these.

There’s much to see and love in this list, so sit back, take your time and I hope you enjoy all that’s to come, in no particular order.

Top Five Real Sex Dolls

1. Silicone Sex Angel Real Sex Doll (shown above)

Realistic sex dolls are innumerable now days and it’s sometimes hard to stand out from the pack though the first lady on this list has that bit of extra that takes her beyond average and into the realm of the exceptional. As blonde as they come with long, flowing tresses, eyes blue as a lake in summer and a waste the envy of wasps the world over this is the Silicone Sex Angel Real Sex Doll and she’s called “Sally”.

With the aforementioned added bonuses it’s already easy to see why she’d be a popular and standing at 5’4” tall she really is fully life-size in stature. But all that is merely just additional icing on her giant boob cake as this chesty lass has the biggest cans you’re likely to find on a premade, realistic, metal skeleton love doll: they’re over 34” inches! It’s really impressive, truly. Breast lovers come to this girl in droves and she’s quite happy to fulfill their desires.

  • 3D 100% medical grade solid silicone with reinforced core for durability
  • Fast and discrete shipment
  • Full TPE body with metal skeleton(158 cm)
  • Simulation of human skin soft and resilient, the simulation up to 98% of the real girl.almost exactly the same feeling of the woman body! Make you feel more real sex life!
  • 3 Ways to have fun: Vagina, Oral & Anus

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2. Latina Silicone Real Doll

Next up on our list is a gorgeous love doll with a kiss of sun on her perfect skin, bearing the toned shape of one who sees the outdoors often and takes care of herself.

She’s sloe eyed and sultry and she’s an exotic, island looking lady with every possible detail thought of and applied. Her lashes are lush and long, her hair is soft and flowing, her nails are French manicured and pedicured, she’s hand painted, fully posable, well balanced and fit with three loving places prepared for penetration. This doll is an easy choice for any Top Faves list.

  • Measurements Size: 70cm(breast) x 48cm(Waist)x 68cm(hips)
  • 3D 100% medical grade solid silicone with reinforced core for durability
  • 3 Ways to have fun: Vagina, Oral & Anus
  • Fast and discrete shipment
  • Full TPE body with metal skeleton(140 cm)

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3. Solid SexFlesh Sex Doll Masturbator

Here we come to our non-metal framed realistic masturbator.

This is a life size torso toy is a Solid SexFlesh Sex Doll and the design is all new! She’s more balanced, softer fleshed, more textured and ribbed internally, voluptuously breasted, toned, trim and fit and she is fully three dimensional meaning that from the front to the back she’s all woman! Time and again this toy out performs and out beautifies the competition.

  • Multiple densities, perfectly mimics real flesh over muscle
  • Vagina tunnel: internally patterned to feel exactly like the real thing
  • Butt tunnel: realistically textured/molded internally to simulate a real body

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4. Silicone “Anni” Real Doll

We return again to our metal skellied mistresses of the silicone with the Silicone “Anni” Sex Doll. Now this one is a mini sex doll so she’s lower in the price range department and more demure in stature but that does almost nothing to take away from her very womanly physique and feel. Bustier than many dolls her size she’s got a little extra to love on while still maintaining her litheness elsewhere. She’s a fun one and easier to stash undetected than her larger sisters.

  • Full TPE body with metal skeleton(100 cm).
  • Have 3 openings(Mouth, vagin, Anus)

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5. Elf Real Doll

With fantasy games, movies and cosplay being as prevalent and popular as they are today it should come as surprise that an Elvish woman finds herself on the Top 5 List.

You read that right, she’s an elf and she’s quite a lovely one at that. Her brightly inhumanly colored hair hides her adorably pointy ears and her shimmering blue eyes lull one into a calm like she were casting a spell upon you. She’s every fantasy lover’s perfect princess and we’re happy to help so many of her loving fans.

  • highest standard and quality
  • discreet packaging
  • 148 cm tall 28 kg weight
  • 3 Openings (Mouth, vagin, Anus)

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