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Silicone Real Doll - Lifelike Sex Doll, Best Real Dolls Manufacturer: KingMansion
Recommended Retail: $699.99
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This incredibly lovely sex doll is another amazing addition from Ovdoll and she too is an Oriental masterpiece with a little bit of anime feel with her bright blonde hair boasting shocks of strawberry pink that only serve to accentuate her lovingly hand painted features.

Big, dark eyes and petal red rosebud mouth highlight an already alluring, womanly design formed of 100% medical grade silicon with a full TPE metal skeletal frame that allows for complete range of normal human motion and then some as well as a number of varying positions that she will hold for you as long as you desire!

The Ovdoll Real Mini Life Sized Love Doll “Angelia” stands 3’4” and weighs in at a moderate but still adequate 26.5 pounds so when you are working your way through each of her three adoring orifices you more maneuvering power than with heavier and taller toy versions in a package that’s more compact but no less womanly than her counterparts.

To keep your doll looking and functioning as new use only water based lubrication and wash thoroughly after every use with a gentle soap or mild cleanser and store her only after she has been completely dried.

If you want to remove the slightly tacky feel that realistic materials give once they have been washed you may externally dust her down with some corn starch or an equivalent powder once she is dry.

As with all of the products on our site, this sex doll is discreetly packaged and shipped to ensure your privacy when you order from Amazon.

Silicone Real Doll - Lifelike Sex Doll specifications

Height: 125cm
Material: TPE
Neck circumference: 25cm
Arm length: 34cm
Medial thigh length: 55cm
Thigh length: 21cm
Calf length: 34cm
Thigh circumference: 32cm
Calf circumference: 23cm
Foot long: 18cm
Shoulder width: 30cm
On the chest: 64cm
Bust: 50cm
Hip: 62cm
Vaginal depth: 17cm
The waist: 40cm
Weight: 19kg

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