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OvdollTM Real Love Doll Full Sized Realistic Silicone Sex Doll Love Doll - Abby Height 3'4", Best Real DollsProduct Rating: | Stars
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Manufacturer: OVDOLL
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Abby is a silicone real doll from OvDoll - one of Asia's premiere sex doll makers. At 3' 4" she's a petite sex doll. Certainly not the smallest sex doll on the market - there are some as tiny as Barbie Dolls! But this doll is a petite, gorgeous girl with LARGE breasts.

Being from OvDoll she has oversize, almond shape eyes and smooth anime like skin. Her hair is a wig that is interchangeable, which makes the fantasy element all the more nice. You can play with a blonde one night and a brunette then next night.

The silicone she's made of is medical grade, which is the best sex doll material on the market. It's durable, holds temperature and feels incredibly lifelike. The best real sex dolls are made of silicone.

She has three holes for penetration - mouth, vagina and anus and all have been sculpted to feel exceptionally pleasurable when you're thrusting in and out of them.

Her 3D design lets you move her into different positions with ease.

Abby the silicone sex doll is one of a new wave of sex doll coming out of asia. They have beautiful eyes and an anime aesthetic that many are finding very appealing. She's a great doll and if you find her face and petite size attractive, she's worth the higher pricetag.

• Height: 3ft 3in (100cm) • Weight: 26.5lbs (12kg) • Chest: 24in (63cm) or 22in (56cm) • Waist: 15in (38cm) • Hip: 23in (60cm) • Vaginal depth: 6in (16cm) • Anal hole : 5.9in (15cm) • Oral cavity depth: 4in (11cm) • Material : Silicone TPE | FREE FREIGHT CASE

More Information: OvdollTM Real Love Doll Full Sized Realistic Silicone Sex Doll Love Doll - Abby Height 3'4"

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