70cm High End Silicone Sex Doll

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70cm High End Silicone Sex Doll
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70cm Petite Sex Doll with Metal Skeleton, Best Real Dolls
Manufacturer: KingMansion
Recommended Retail: $450.00
Read Reviews (Amzn): 70cm Petite Sex Doll with Metal Skeleton

This cute petite sex doll with large breasts is made of high-end silicone with a metal skeleton. She's a tiny sex doll that's a lot of fun to play with.

Silicone is the top sex toy material on the planet. It's high-quality, durable and maintains heat incredibly well. It's also non-porous so bacteria has an incredibly hard time growing on it, so it's safer than other sex toy materials.

She's got blonde hair, is petite, but has huge pert breasts. She's great to hold on to and fun to plunge into. With her metal skeleton, she is also totally poseable and will maintain her position when you set her up. This means you can have sex with her in any number of positions.

If you you're looking for a petite sex doll that is also high quality, this is a decent one to check out. It's less expensive than comparable sex doll and still has quite a bit going for it.

Silicone Sex Doll Features

Height: 70cm
Bust: 44cm
Waist: 26cm
Hip: 40cm
Arm Length: 28cm
Leg: 26cm
Nails: Yes
Weight: 4.6KG
Vaginal Depth: 13cm

More Information: 70cm Petite Sex Doll with Metal Skeleton

This Sex Doll is Currently Available at Amazon

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