Luxury Silicone Sex Doll – Theresa, Height 4’6″

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Luxury Silicone Sex Doll – Theresa, Height 4’6″
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Luxury Silicone Sex Doll - Theresa, Height 4'6", Best Real Dolls
Manufacturer: Ovdoll
Recommended Retail: unavailable
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From Ovdoll comes a life size love doll with very few equivalents as she is a true masterpiece of impeccably detailed workmanship. Standing 4’6” tall Theresa is a gorgeous Japanese full sized love doll with a moveable and posable internal metal skeleton and a top quality green material that mimics the texture of genuine skin like nothing else you’ve experienced before!

Theresa is a long haired brunette beauty from way across the big, wide blue and she’s in need of a home and protector in this brand new world she’s landed herself in. Her facial features are model worthy with a pert little bum and a set of the loveliest globes this side of Tokyo and it’s almost as if she comes imbued with a soul of her very own as she resonates with personality.

There is not a more realistic female genital structure in the love doll market for this incredible piece of finery is molded with an internal vaginal structure that’s complete with a G-spot, spikes of uterus and fleshy, slightly protruding labia created in an environmentally sound material that bears zero smell, is softer than silicon and has a realistic elasticity that gives the loving tug of real flesh for your bind bending bliss.

For the greatest care of Theresa and each of her three, taught little tunnels please use only the gentlest of cleansers and soaps and high grade, water based lubricants on her velveteen flesh. She arrives discreetly shipped and packaged for your ultimate discretion and privacy.

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