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Gorgeous Miniature Anime Sex Doll

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Gorgeous Miniature Anime Sex Doll
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Gorgeous Miniature Anime Sex Doll, Best Real Dolls - Best Silicone Sex Dolls and TPE Sex Dolls
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Anime sex dolls are slighlty more cartoonish than hyper-realistic silicone sex dolls. They revel in a softer aesthetic, often with large eyes and slightly exaggerated features.

Classically these toys have come from Asia but we're starting to see more and more of them come from America.

Case in point is this gorgeous doll. Wide eyes, a tight bod, high nipples and cute punky hair make this girl a great example of next-gen sex dolls.

You can get different eye and hair colors, but we love the doll in the pictures.

She's made of silicone - which is the top sex toy material available. It's durable and feels AMAZING when lubed up (but be sure to use water-based lube, NOT silicone lube).

The maker of this doll paid special atention to details. The muscle tone and features look great. And she's totally posable.

She can get wet as you seen in the pictures. But we would be reticent to submerge her head or body all the way.

She's small - at 100 cm or 39 inches - but hefty, at about 26 pounds or 12 kilograms. There are two openings to - the mouth and vagina. The vagina is built to be thrust into. This is one of the best looking small Anime sex dolls we've seen. The price tag is high, but the doll is amazing.

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PLEASE NOTE - these are NOT the doll in the pictures. We are simply posting these videos here so that you can get an idea of what these dolls are like - especially the size. You can see images of THIS sex doll below, or check it out at Amazon:

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