TPE Silicone Sex Dolls & Real Dolls
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Best Silicone Real Dolls, Best TPE Sex DollsThe Best Real Silicone Sex Dolls - The Best Real TPE Sex DollsWelcome to Real Sex Dolls sex doll magazine and review site!

At Real Sex Doll sex doll magazine, we hand pick, curate and profile the best realistic sex dolls, TPE sex dolls and silicone sex dolls you can buy on the internet. The sex dolls and real dolls we look at are some of the best men's sex toys currently available for sale. And they are amazing.

While we love high end TPE and silicone sex dolls, at Real Sex Dolls we do not discriminate. We profile all kinds of realistic sex dollsand present them in one easy to use (and safe to browse!) website - from classic blowup and inflatable sex dolls all the way up to cutting edge shemale sex dolls, ebony sex dolls, and much more - you'll find a little of everything.

The Best Real Dolls and Silicone Sex DollsThe Best Silicone Sex Dolls and The Best Real DollsSex dolls, besides feeling amazing, can help you get deeper into fantasies and your masturbation than every before. Additionally, they are even better with a partner. Realistic sex dolls and large, luxury sex toys are a great way to bring some new excitement into the bedroom without having to deal with all the pitfalls of your classic threesome.

Our goal is to provide a safe and private sex doll magazine where everyday people can discover all these amazing sex dolls. We have readers from all lines off life, from across the world, and are happy to provide this. . .er, service.

These real dolls, silicone sex dolls and TPE sex dolls have become much more mainstream than many would believe. And with good reason - they're gorgeous. So if you're looking to take you're self-pleasuring to the next level - these realistic sex dolls and luxury, high end sex toys are a great way to do it.

Silicone Sex Doll & TPE Sex Doll Video

This is a great sex doll video that shows exactly what next generation sex dolls look like from many different angles.

They only show the dolls - no human nudity - and they are amazing.

You can see how lifelike and jiggly they are in the video. You'll find many luxury sex dolls like this on our High End Sex Doll Page. OVDoll, Mandarin Duck and King Mansion are currently the biggest manufacturers and distributors of these silicone and TPE dolls online and at Amazon.

Their sex dolls are amazing!

Best Men's Sex Toy and Sex Doll - The Autoblow 2

The Best Silicone Sex Dolls & TPE Sex Dolls at Amazon

Here are our picks for the best silicone sex dolls and TPE sex dolls at the biggest sex toy seller in the world - Amazon. We've included a number of large masturbators as well. These are all amazin gsex toys. You'll see links to the product reviews on our site as well as a link to Amazon where you can get more information on the toys as well as purchase them in a safe environment. Enjoy!

Latina Teen Sex Doll

Full-Size Blonde Sex Doll

Large Breated Blonde Sex Doll

Hot Greek Sex Doll
King Mansion Sweet-Doll King Mansion 148cm/4'8"
Height: 4' 6" (140cm) Height: 4' 9" (148cm) Height: 5' 1" (155cm) Height: 4'8" (148cm)
Weight: 70.6 lbs (32 KG) Weight: 61.7 lbs (28 kg) Weight: 61.7 lbs (28kg) Weight: 61.7 lbs (28 kg)
Skin: Brown | Hair: Pink | Eyes: Brown Skin: Tan | Hair: Blonde | Eyes: Green Hair: Blonde | Skin: Light Tan | Eyes: Brown Hair: Brown | Skin: Dark Tan | Eyes: Brown
Material: Medical Grade Silicone Material: TPE Silicone Material: Silicone Matrial: Silicone
Metal Internal Skeleton Metal Internal Silicone Metal Internal Skeleton Metal Internal Skelton
3 Tunnels - Mouth, Vagina Anus 3 Tunnels - Mouth, Vagina Anus 3 Tunnels - Mouth, Vagina Anus 3 Tunnels - Mouth, Vagina Anus
$999.99 $1,989.00 $1,900.00 $1,999.00
View @ Amazon View @ Amazon View @ Amazon View @ Amazon
Responsive <span class="spamp">&</span> Mobile
Breast Sex Toys
Artificial Vagina

New Silicone Sex Dolls and Masturbators

Life-Size Real Doll from New Feel - 4'10" (148cm) D-Cup
Hot, sultry, Greek or Spanish looking amazing sex doll from New Feel. Click here and check out the pictures of this beauty. . .
Mini Sex Doll - Vagina, Oral, Anal Hyper Realistic Real Doll, 3'7" (110cm)
Hot mini sex doll with a decidedly Asian face, skinny limbs and features that are to die for. We love her!
5'2" (160cm) Life Size Real Doll
Amazing sultry sex doll for those that want a life-size real doll experience with ALL the trimmings. AMAZING full-size real doll.
5'2" (160cm) Full Body Real Doll
Expensive? Yes. Amazing? Absolutely. Worth it? That's up to you, but this full-figured blonde beauty is definitely one of the top real dolls ever!
Anime Sex Doll - Hentai Sex Doll - 5'4" (165cm) C-Cup
The best anime real doll we've seen. Full-figured, decidedly Asian face with a frame just waiting for you to dress her into your fantasies.
Best New Sex Dolls of 2017 on Amazon
We've seen a lot of new real dolls and silicone sex dolls appearing across Amazon lately so we thought we'd bring them all together in one simple to browse place. […]

Best Silicone Sex Dolls & Real Dolls

We feature amazing real sex dolls at We don't really discriminate in what kind of sex dolls we show. You'll see all kinds - Pipedream Products, Topco, blowup sex dolls, silicone dolls, SexFlesh dolls and more. We have luxury miniature sex dolls as well as full-size, life-like sex dolls.

At Real Sex Dolls, you'll find a wide price-range of sex toys as well. They go from a couple dollars for cheap fake vagina to a couple thousand dollars for luxury silicone real sex dolls.

Whatever your budget, you're sure to find something you'll like. Be brave and have fun as you browse our nudity free, SPAM free and safe to surf sex toy magazine.

The only rule we have is that they all have to take your self-pleasuring to the next level. . . . and they do. Above are the most recent real sex dolls from all the categories on our website.

Transsexual Sex Dolls, Male Sex Dolls & Gay Sex Dolls

Males Sex Doll Masturbator
Parts for everyone with washboard abs to run your finger tips over and fantasize about at night. This is one of the top men's sex dolls.
Best Male and Gay Masturbator Sex Doll
A hunk of sex toy man flesh to play with. With a large cock and and rock hard aps to run you fingers over while you get off.
Pipedream Products Extreme Dollz Miss Demeanor
Have you been bad? Real bad? This top of the line tranny blow up doll from Pipedream Products is the perfect toy to punish yourself with.
Pipedream Products Extreme Dollz Sally Surprise
Sally Surprise is another shemale inflatable doll from Pipedream Products line to luxury sex dolls. She's got boobs and balls to keep you happy.
Chump - The Donald Trump Sex Doll
It was only a matter of time before we saw the Donald Trump Sex Doll - and here it is! Chump! We are selling it from our sex […]
Sexflesh Chiseled Chad Male Love Doll
Chiseled, hot, and super fun - this is one of the best male sex doll torsos around. Great gay sex toy.

Transsexual and Shemale Sex Dolls & Toys

Transsexual and shemale sex dolls are consistently the most popular sex toys on our site. We think this is for a number of reasons. For one, you get the best of both male and female body parts. These dolls have tight holes, large cock dildos, and big breasts. This makes them the perfect high end sex toy for liberated couples.

Transsexual and shemale sex dolls also open up whole new world of fantasy that are not usually available in real life.

Most people in the world would be hard pressed to be able to go out onto the street and find someone that would safely satisfy their transsexual or shemale sex fantasies. These tranny sex dolls let you explore that fantasy anytime, in the privacy of your own home, and without the same level of concern for safety. These toys are a great way to live out shemale fantasies.

Finally, you'll find a lot of different companies that make transsexual and gay sex dolls. All the major players are represented: XR Brands, Topco, Pipedream. And you can get these sex doll in SexFlesh, Cyberskin, FantaFlesh and Silicone - all the top sex doll materials. So it is easy to find one in a material that you like.

There's a lot of variety here. Enjoy!

Black Dolls, Ebony Sex Dolls, & Cinnamon Sex Dolls

TLC CyberSkin Big Booty Bang Sex Toy
Big, black and bumpin' - this is one of the best ass sex toys on the market.
Piel Cenela Silicone Latina Sex Doll
Tight and tiny, this Latina sex doll is sure fulfill the most brazen ethnic fantasies. This is a CUTE medium sized sex doll.
Adam & Eve Bad Seed Roxy Reynolds CyberSkin Vagina and Anus with FREE DVD!
This is a super hot ebony sex doll ass and pussy modeled after porn star Roxy Reynolds. We love EVERYTHING about this sex toy.
The Fuck Me Silly 2 Mega Masturbator
One of the best ebony sex toys currently available, and one of the best masturbators from Pipedream Products.
Leyonce the Ebony Sex Doll
Best Luxury Ebony Silicone Real Doll Available. . . actually, the only one available! Full-size black sex doll.
Fuck Me Silly Petite Ebony Men's Sex Toy
Not everyone like's a huge black booty. Some people like a more petite ebony ass. This is the sex toy for those people.
More Ebony Sex Dolls | Click Here

Black Sex Dolls & Ebony Sex Toys

Black and ebony sex dolls are quite popular at Real Sex Dolls. Like the other realistic sex dolls we feature, black and ebony sex dolls open up new areas of fantasy. They give you easy ways to satisfy desires you wouldn't otherwise be able to in real life. If you've ever fantasized about having sex with a big black cock or banging into an oversize booty, these are an easy way to do it without any negative energy.

In our black sex doll and ebony sex doll collection you will find a number of female sex dolls as well as a number of realistic ebony dildos that we've reviewed. You'll also find a decent collection of black and ebony sex toys and sex dolls we've curated from Amazon.

New ebony sex dolls don't come out that often, but we try to look at them when we do. So be sure to check back. This is a unique sex toy collection and one that's certain to please.

Anime Sex Dolls, Hentai Sex Dolls, Anime Sex Toys

Carmen 4'6" Life-Size (but petite) Silicone TPE Real Doll
Gorgeous sex doll with one of the most pristinely sculpted faces and bodies we've seen. This is a lux real doll.
Anime Sex Doll - Hentai Sex Doll - 5'4" (165cm) C-Cup
The best anime real doll we've seen. Full-figured, decidedly Asian face with a frame just waiting for you to dress her into your fantasies.
Large Breasted, Petite Silicone Real Sex Doll
Wonderful SMALL silicone sex doll. Great asian innovation is the tiny but fully figured sex doll.
Sweet Lady Petite Silicone Real Sex Doll
Petite Asian sex doll. Cute, doe-eyed sex miniature sex doll. An eastern style sex doll made of high quality silicone.
Ovdoll Silicone Sex Doll, Abby, Height 3'4"
OVDoll makes amazing Asian real sex dolls. This is one of their premiere petite models. Great eyes and LARGE breasts = awesome.
4'6" Life-size Silicone Sex Doll from OvDoll - SUE
This large, life-size real sex doll from OVDoll is a true Asian beauty with almost elf-like features. Great sex doll.
Anime Sex Doll & Hentai Sex Toys
Anime Sex Dolls and Hentai Sex Toys
Anime sex dolls and hentai sex toys are decidedly Asian in form and style. There are full-size Asian silicone realistic sex dolls like those from OVDoll and Mandarin Duck. There are also the new miniature-style petite hentai sex dolls that are all the rage right now. There are also collectible action figures based on anime and hentai characters.

We feature all three of these anime sex dolls on our site.

Anime sex dolls are very cool and lots of fun for the right person. You'll find quite a few looked at on our site and even more curated in the collection on our anime sex doll and hentai sex toy page.

You can find sexy anime toys and figures for many hentai stars these days. They are a great way for anime fans to get. . . deeper. . .into the characters they love. They are also a way to bring fantasy and cosplay elements into sex doll play.

Ass and Booty Sex Dolls & Masturbators

Ass Sex Dolls and Booty Sex Toys Make Great Christmas Gifts!
It's never too late to get your man. . .or yourself. . .the best gift EVER. It really is. . .really.
TLC CyberSkin Big Booty Bang Sex Toy
Big, black and bumpin' - this is one of the best ass sex toys on the market.
Carmen Luvana's CyberSkin Missionary Style Vibrating Sex Toy
Fun new missionary style luxury sex toy molded after latina porn sensation - Carmen Luvana. Hyper-realistic and hand painted - Cyberskin at its best!
Adam & Eve Bad Seed Roxy Reynolds CyberSkin Vagina and Anus with FREE DVD!
This is a super hot ebony sex doll ass and pussy modeled after porn star Roxy Reynolds. We love EVERYTHING about this sex toy.
Realistic Silicone Sex Doll Ass and Vagina
Hot realistic ass sex toy that let's you grab on and thrust away anytime you want. Made of high grade silicone.
Mangasm Life-Sized Jessica Sanders Realistic Vagina
Simple, to the point, big. This is a fun booty sex toy with a great vagina and awesome labia.
More Booty Sex Toys

Ass & Booty Sex Dolls and Masturbators

There are a wide variety of sex doll body parts available. These are sex toys modeled after specific body parts. You can find all kinds of toys made after all kinds of body parts. You can find sex doll heads, hands, legs, butts, vaginas and more.

Some of these are made specifically from molds of adult stars body parts (see Cyberskin toys from Topco, or Fleshlights), others are more generic (like Pipedream Products Fuck Me Silly line of sex dolls.

We feature a wide variety of of sex doll body parts on our site. Time and time again, however, we find that sex doll asses and butts are the most popular.

These are some pretty fantastic sex toys and VERY popular on our site. You can find everything from large ebony booties to petite men's "bottoms" - there something for everyone.

Body Part Sex Toys: Sex Doll Heads

Sasha Grey Ur3 Deep Throat Sucker
From Doc Johnson - simply put, one of the best male sex toys anywhere, ever.
Sexflesh Felicity Blow Job Masturbator
Hot sex doll head for the blonde lovers out there. Need a quick blow job? Noooo problem.
Sexflesh Haley The Female Head Masturbator For Men
Soft, SexFlesh sex doll. This is a fun blow job sex toy with AWESOME eyes. Pretty sex toy.
F*ck My Face Doll
Best sex doll head sex toy. Available in both brunette and blonde varieties. This is a killer sex toy.
Sex Doll Heads

Oral Sex Toys, Blow Job Sex Toys

Blow Job Toys, or Oral Sex Doll heads are very fun sex toys. The brunette and blonde models from Pipedream Products are especially delicious. They have suction cup bottoms so you can affix them to desks or a shower, or whatever, and then simply thrust into the mouth. The oral sex toy pictured here is the blonde version of this famous sex toy.

These sex toys feel just like get a real blowjob from a real woman, except their jaws never get tired.

You will also find sex doll heads - or more usually sex doll mouths - that are modeled directly after different porn stars or adult models. These provide and added level of fantasy to already fun sex toys. Simply turn on the video of your favorite porn star, grab the sex toy modeled after their mouths and go to town. Lot's of Fun!

High End Sex Dolls from Amazon

We are living in a high end sex doll revolution!

This is because the science of polymors and TPE materials is transforming the amount of realism that can be put into dolls. No where is this more apparent then at the world's largest retailer - They have a hefty collection of amazing sex doll with more being added all the time.

Here's our hand picked collection of luxury playthings from Amazon. Clicking the links below will open the toy's page at their site in a new window. Enjoy this killer collection!

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