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Real Sex Dolls : Realistic Men’s Sex Dolls

At we hand pick, curate and review the best sex dolls, love dolls and luxury sex doll on the internet. From porn star sex dolls to ebony and booty sex dolls to tranny sex dolls and full blown Japanese sex dolls – these luxury sex toys are some of the top men’s adult toys available.

We review all kinds of realistic sex dolls in one easy and safe to browse website in order to make it easy for people to discover all these amazing sex toys. If you’re looking to take you’re self-pleasuring to the next level – these sex toys are a great way to do it. We don’t sell luxury sex dolls on our site, but point people to where they can buy them.

Our New Sex Doll Store!

While we normally highlight Amazon as a great place to buy the luxury sex toys at, the sex dolls and luxury sex toys on our site can now be purchased at our USA based, independent Luxury Sex Doll Store – Sex Doll Planet. You can visit the site at: There’s no pop-ups, no nudity, and LOTS of amazing sex dolls and sex toys. We feature the best high end sex toy and sex dolls on the planet.

Sex Doll Planet - Sex Doll Store

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Breast Sex Toys
Artificial Vagina
Love Dolls

Featured Sex Dolls

We feature sex dolls are some of our favorites on the site. We don't really discriminate in this area, so you'll see all kinds - Pipedream Products, Topco, Silicone Dolls and more. They are our favorite sex dolls curated from all the categories here.

You will find a wide range of price ranges for toys as well but we tend to focus on the higher end sex dolls on our site. The go from a couple hundred dollars to upwards of a couple thousand dollars for luxury silicone sex dolls.

Real Sex Dolls Categories | Transsexual, Male & Gay Sex Dolls

Double Decker Threesome Pussy and Ass Masturbator
Sexflesh Chiseled Chad Male Love Doll
Virtual Sex: Featherweight CyberSkin Cock and Ass
Gay Love Doll - Male Sex Doll Masturbator
Autoblow 2 Robotic Blowjob Machine
Sexflesh Double Up Dennis Realistic 3D Ass
Pdx F*ck My Tight Ass
Sexflesh Mega Male Real Sex Doll and Masturbator
Transsexual and shemale sex dolls are consistently the most popular sex toys on our site. We think this is for a number of reasons. You get the best of both worlds - a tight hole and a hard dildo - which make them perfect for couples. They also open up whole new world of fantasy that are not usually available in real life.

You'll find a lot of different companies that make transsexual and gay sex dolls. All the major players are represented: XR Brands, Topco, Pipedream. And you can get them in SexFlesh, Cyberskin, FantaFlesh and Silicone - all the top sex doll materials. Enjoy this great collection.

Real Sex Dolls Categories | Black & Ebony Sex Dolls

Ebony Sex Doll - The Fuck Me Silly 2 Mega Masturbator
Ebony Sex Doll - Ebony Love Doll - Leyonce
Pipedream Extreme Fu$k Me Silly Petite Ebony Men's Sex Toy
Pipedream Extreme Fuck My Big Black Ass II
Ebony Sex Dolls | Click Here

Black and Ebony Sex Dolls

Black and ebony sex dolls are also quite popular on our website. Like the other sex dolls we feature, black and ebony sex dolls open up new areas of fantasy for people and give them ways to satisfy desires they wouldn't otherwise be able to in real life.

In our collection your a number of female sex dolls as well as a number of realistic ebony dildos that we've curated from Amazon. New ebony sex dolls don't come out that often, but we try to look at them when we do. So be sure to check back!

Real Sex Doll Categories | Sex Doll Butts & Asses

Backside White Double-entry Realistic Life-Like Torso Love Doll Masturbator
Sexflesh Amazing Anus
Pipedream Extreme Fuck Me Silly FantaFlesh Mega Masturbator for Men
Pipedream Extreme Toyz Flip & Fuck Me Sex Doll
TLC CyberSkin Vibrating Perfect Butt, Natural
Pdx F*ck My Tight Ass
Pipedream Extreme Fu$k Me Silly Petite Ebony Men's Sex Toy
Pdx F*ck Me Silly Mastubator
Sex Doll Body Parts, Butt and Asses

There are a wide variety of sex doll body parts available. These are sex toys modeled after specific body parts. You can find all kinds made after all kinds of body parts. You can find sex doll heads, hands, legs, butts, vaginas and more.

Some of these are made specifically from molds of adult stars body parts (see Cyberskin toys from Topco, or Fleshlights), others are more generic (like Pipedream Products Fuck Me Silly line of sex dolls.

We feature a wide variety of of sex doll body parts on our site. Time and time again, however, we find that sex doll asses and butts are the most popular.